Thursday, June 3, 2010


So this morning I went to get my MRI done to check out my prolactin gland. I'd had MRIs before when I tore my ACL back in high school so I was actually looking forward to it. I remember them being so relaxing and falling asleep so I figured I'd get a little break in my day with a nap, right?

I'd purposely worn a sports bra, tshirt and shorts and had left my wedding ring and other jewelry at home in hopes that they wouldn't make me wear a gown and I'd be all good to go. I get in the room, take out my last couple earrings as the tech asks me some questions and explains the procedure to me. Then he tells me to lay down and I didn't even have to take my shoes off, I was a little bummed about that.

Then as I'm laying down and he's rising the thing so I can slide into the big machine, he says, "We'll do about 10 minutes of testing then I'll pull you out, give you your IV and we'll do 10 more minutes." Wait a minute! Hold up! Since when do you get an IV for an MRI? Apparently when you're checking out your head and not your knee-sucky! As I'm about to go in, he also throws out, "Oh I'm going to put this thing on you like a football helmet."

Great! The whole time I was in there I get thinking I looked like an insane asylum patient and when he pulled me out to start the IV, I felt super fat like I had 14 chins since I was stuck in this helmet thing. Then the IV tech was there so I asked, "Would it be okay if I sat up to watch?" I've always been a watcher-I like to know what's going on and in my body especially when it inflicts pain. Know what she said, "No...I prefer if you just lay down."

Seriously? So here I am in insane asylum patient position, football helmet on and I can't even see my arm, only feel the blood draining to my hand. I closed my eyes and told myself, "This is what you have to do to have a baby" and then I rationalized that if I were to ever get pregnant I won't be able to see everything going on...down there, so this is good preparation. I started asking them what the difference between a CT Scan and an MRI were and that quickly passed the time and then it was done.

So step one towards having a baby....MRI-check! Just have to wait to see what the doctor says and start some meds. At least I feel like we're doing something, right?