Tuesday, June 15, 2010


So I started seeing a therapist. He's said a few helpful things. Here are two things he told me that have stood out. Infertility is a grieving process, one that is harder than death. Death makes sense, there's a finality to it. Infertility is unknown, no end answer, you've had something taken away from you and you don't know if you'll get it back. Working with dealing with infertility, he said I should also work on the grieving process.

Another thing he said about relationships is that you have to think about what you know about each other and then remember that. For instance, DH never shows emotion, I know that but I still take his lack of emotion as a sign that he doesn't care or isn't hurt by our infertility journey. So I have to remember that while I wear my emotions on my sleeves for the whole world to see my feelings, DH doesn't but that doesn't mean he's not hurting, upset or even grieving...

Hopefully the grieving thing makes sense and maybe puts some things into perspective for those who haven't ever been on the IF journey.


Michelle said...

Thanks for sharing. This def. is good information for me to remember. Most of time I just think I'm over-reacting and crazy.

Adie said...

Great post! I am such a verbal person and my hubby is not, and even after 7 years I still just want something from him. Even to the point were we have been in a sad situation and he has shown some emotion and that actually made me happy. Than I just felt a little twisted.