Monday, February 13, 2012

Crib Time!

Guess what DH and I did this morning before I went to work and the snow hit the Midwest. We put together the baby crib!!! Okay, he did most of it, I just held the parts up they wouldn't fall over. Here he is hard at work:
The Black Buffalo had snuck up from downstairs so he came in to inspect what was going on.

Ta-da!!! Finished product.

DH and I both dislike having our pictures taken so we always end up having our mouths open or our tongues sticking out. This was my niece's crib and it needs a new mattress. It was fairly easy to put together. It also turns into a toddler bed when we're ready for that. So woohoo!!!!!!! Crib-check! Mural is getting done this weekend and then I'll post a preview of the nursery even though it won't have much else going on in there yet. Great job DH, now get to puttin' that dresser together!


Marcie said...

OMG! We have the same crib and it was also my niece and nephews!