Friday, February 24, 2012

28 Weeks!!!

I just got home from my 28 week appointment and all looked good. Baby A's heart rate was 140. My blood pressure looked good and she measured my belly and didn't say anything about not showing a lot. Although I do think I'm showing a bit more but still not a ton. I met the other doctor in the partnership so now I have a name with a face if she were to be the one that's on call when I deliver.

When I arrived, I checked-in and went immediately to give my urine sample. It was very yellow, guess that's what happens when you don't drink anything before your appointment-oops! I came back out to pay (final payment for the doctor-woohoo!) and sat down. A few minutes later, the nurse says, "A, I have down that you don't know what you're having, is that right?" I quickly said, "NO! And I don't want to know!" I was afraid she was going to tell me right then and there and then DH would be sooo upset. Luckily, she just needed me to fill out the circumcision form in case it is a boy. It took me longer to complete this form than it did for the actually appointment!

Other news from the doctor, I'm pretty sure I have pregnancy induced carpal tunnel syndrome. My hands/fingers have been falling asleep, the are sore like they have arthritis and they're swollen. I didn't even know that carpal tunnel was a side effect of pregnancy until I read about it last night! When I described all of this to the doc, she agreed that's what it was. So I can get braces to keep my wrists at an angle to eliminate swelling or I can do physical therapy but I should do one or the other or it'll get so painful that I'll HAVE to do something! I'm hoping I can just wear the braces at night since that's mainly when my hands fall asleep.

My goal is to also keep my wedding ring on until my birthday (March 13) but I'm not sure if I'll be able to last that long. I'm not going to worry about getting a fake ring to wear in place of it because 1. I doubt anyone will be hitting on me and 2. DH isn't upset, he understands and we both agreed we could easily spend $20 some other way.

Another thing the doctor and I discussed is no more laying on my back so that means side sleeping only. I've been doing this for awhile and it really bothers my hips. Last night, I was seriously tossing and turning all night long and I know DH slept awful too. I talked to him after my doctor's appointment and told him I could start sleeping in the other room. I mean there's no point for us BOTH to not sleep but he said that's silly and we'd figure something out. I use DH as my body pillow at night and throw a leg over him to take some pressure off my hips or I'll half lay on him so I'm not exactly on my back but not on my hips, I'm sure he just LOVES that.

Other none check-up related news...

*I'm going out of town next week so I'm really hoping that when I get back that the nursery is ready for me to start moving stuff in and the downstairs is back to normal. We got our new carpet for downstairs on Tuesday night. On Wednesday night, DH started putting tubs back away to store and I started pricing things for the garage sale. We have more of an area to walk but it's still a hot mess!

*My grandma and dad are convinced that we know the baby is a boy and just aren't telling them. She's decided she's going to start calling the baby a boy and by his name. This doesn't bother me (okay, well a little bit because we HONESTLY do not know!) except that she keeps spelling his name wrong. So to every email she sends with his name spelled wrong, I simply reply with the correct spelling. I'm not sure if she's doing it to irritate me or on accident but it's driving me BONKERS!!!

*Not sure if I posted but we finally picked a pediatrician. And we're like 99% sure we have a sitter picked out. We're running a background check on her so just waiting for that to come back okay and then we'll fill out the contract as best we can (meaning we don't know baby's names, birthdate, etc...). It feels really good to get a lot of the big stuff done.

*We're having a garage sale on March 3. Cross your fingers for good weather! Once that junk is out of the house, I feel like we'll finally be able to start deep cleaning and officially getting things ready. Most of the big stuff is done around the house, there's just little things here and there and the new guestroom is building up quite a stock pile of diapers and wipes.

I think that's all for now! Other than all that, I'm busy with other people's bridal/baby showers, getting things ready at work and coordinating 500 people's schedules for showers, babysitting, dogsitting, garage sales, etc...It's seriously going to be go, go, go until Baby A makes his/her arrival!


Jos said...

I had HORRID carpal tunnel the 3rd tri - definitely get braces for both your wrists. I had to wear them 24/7 at first, and then eventually just at night. Delivery is the only thing that fixes it!

Do you have a snoogle pillow? That helped me a lot to stay on my side, and it wraps up between your knees which helps your hips. They're spendy ($70 I think?) but worth every penny.

Jessica said...

Busy busy bee! Can't wait to see your cute baby's face. What a fun summer you are going to have. :)

Emily @ablanket2keep said...

Congrats on 28 weeks!! I hope your wrists don't get any worse.

Jessica White said...

I'm glad you're doing well! I had the carpal tunnel issues with my first was not fun! I couldn't even snap snaps.