Monday, February 6, 2012

The Bump

Okay, so everyone is asking if I'm showing or if I have a bump and yes, I'm now 26 weeks pregnant and alas, no real bump in regular clothes. At night when I'm laying down or in my pajamas, I totally notice it and so does DH. If you see me in person and I'm wearing something to show off the bump then you might think I'm showing. DH does, my SIL does, some co-workers do but I'm not really embracing the bump. Why? Well, because if you don't know that I'm pregnant then you would just lean over to your friends and say, "That girl should NOT be wearing that, she totally looks pregnant!" Plus, in general, I'm not a tight clothes wearing girl, I'm much happier in a hoodie or loose sweater which DH refers to as frumpy old woman clothing. He's loving the maternity tops because my boobs are HUGE in them.

Anyways, I was starting to get really concerned about this. Not so much the showing part, I've heard pregnant women complain about that enough, but I was concerned about the baby. At my appointment last week, I asked the NP and she said, no worries, that the baby was measuring on schedule and that my uterus was growing as planned so that relieved a lot of worry. She also told me that I have very LONG torso so the baby has more room to go up and down instead of jutting out. I found this funny since at all of five feet four inches, long has NEVER been a word to describe me except maybe sometimes my hair. She also mentioned that since this is my first pregnancy, that my muscles are still tight holding my belly in. I love to hear that I have muscles in my stomach! You all know I don't do ab workouts but I sure love to laugh so I count that as my ab workout that's made my muscles "so strong." Now that I know, I'm a long torso-ed lady, I feel better knowing that the baby is good so as long as that's right then I don't care about not showing.


Liz said...

Trust me, that is a GOOD problem to have. I'm two weeks behind you and worrying every day that I'm going to lift my shirt and see stretch marks. My torso is very short. But even though I'm showing, I still feel like I just look fat. Strangers haven't asked me about being pregnant so I'm pretty sure that's the case, but maybe in a few more weeks, or when I'm not always wearing a giant peacoat, people will notice there's a baby in there.

SLES75 said...

I seriously don't even have a torso. There is approximately 3 inches total from my bottom rib to the top of my hip bone. My poor little one had no where to go but out. Even then people didn't think I looked that pregnant. I felt like I just looked fat my whole pregnancy. I have one picture from the front a friend took without my knowledge and I guess I look kind of pregnant in that one, but otherwise I think I just looked like a fat woman pretending to be pregnant.

Unfortunately now that the little one is here, I'm back to just being fat :( I hope to get back into some sort of decent shape before trying for number 2 :)

Enjoy it and revel in deserve it!

Beth said...

Hey I just popped out! I think that it happened over night. I wasn't showing until about 28 weeks. Nothing at all to worry about! Good luck with your pregnancy. I have to say though, I am a little bit disappointed that there aren't any pics of the baby bump!!! Not like I am one to talk b/c I don't think there will ever be pics of the baby bump.

Emily @ablanket2keep said...

My bestie is short, only 5'1". She also has a long torso so she hardly looked pregnant till she was almost done. You will pop eventually. I on the other hand am 5'5" and have no torso. I wonder how big I am gonna get when I finally get pregnant.