Wednesday, February 1, 2012

25 Weeks...Already!?!

Today I had my 25 week appointment. Can you believe I only have 15 weeks to go? May seems like a long ways off but when you say 15 weeks, that makes me feel like it'll be here in a blink of an eye!

Today's appointment was pretty routine with the exception of the glucose test (I'll do a post about that later). After that, I gave my urine sample and met with a NP I hadn't met yet. She was really friendly but closed her eyes when she talked. She noted that we didn't want to find out and was being super secretive about hiding my chart from us. Baby's heart beat was 140 which is good! And she was very happy with my weight, I'd gained 2 lbs since my last appointment but was happy I'd slowed down after my huge weight gain last time. My uterus was growing as as it should be (I'll do another post on baby bump). And really, that was about it!

I go back in 3 weeks and then I start every 2 weeks. OMG!?! I'm already at every 2 week appointments-can you believe that!?! I scheduled ALL the rest of my appointments from now until May 17.

Randomness update:

*I'm still feeling really good. Although still tired here and there.

*We're making SLOW progress, but hey-it's progress, on the house. The nursery has the base coat done which turned out a bit more blue than I expected but I still like it. The dresser has been delivered (thanks Pop for that purchase!) and we have the crib too. Supposedly, the computer room will be back to normal tonight (which is good since my mom is spending the night tomorrow night!) so that's one room we can cross off the list. Once he gets the doors back up, we can move the dresser and crib into the baby room and put them together then we're just waiting on the mural to be painted!

*We've started transitioning the doggies to the basement. I think it's hardest on the Princess Pup. At night before bed and in the morning right after the alarm goes off, she'll bark for us. It melts my heart but I know this is the best situation and it's better to start now than when the baby arrives. I'm hoping DH and his friend hold through with the promise of new carpet in the basement and that'll be our family room when the baby arrives. I've been spending most of my evenings and mornings off with them in the basement so they're still getting lots of attention. Since the weather's been so great, I've been taking the Princess Pup on lots of walks, we actually headed to a park today. Unfortunately, the Black Buffalo really needs more of the walking but I'm too afraid to walk him by myself knowing that his stocky 100lbs could pull me down very quickly. DH has been taking him to some conservation land and running him a couple times a week so they're still getting exercise and attention but I miss them putting their on the bed beside me at night.

*Visited the other pediatrician's office today and I think we have a winner!!!

*DH has done an awesome job getting things done around the house. His dad came and helped him paint last weekend and my MIL came over too (I was at work). She cleaned our master bathroom and our kitchen. AMAZING!!! I'm so grateful for all their help.


Hilary said...

Did I miss a post about what you're doing with the pups? I'd like to hear your plans for them!! My cocker spaniel that I adopted last year is the sweetest thing on the planet, but like all cockers, she gets irritated when my youngest niece won't get out of her face. I had a cocker growing up and I knew when I could play and when to stay with her, but trying to teach a toddler that is pretty useless!

Jos said...

I think it's awesome that you're transitioning the dogs now so that they don't associate getting kicked out with the baby's arrival. Breeds less resentment that way. :)

25 weeks already - wow!!!

Anonymous said...

I love this post!! You're getting close lyssie. :)

SLES75 said...

Did you read something on separating the dogs? I never did anything. The dogs still sleep with me and are around the baby all the time. I even have put her on the floor and they just walk around her...

I trained them from puppy hood that pulling on tails and ears and sticking fingers in their mouths and in their eyes is OK. I will still occasionally yank and pull on them. They've never had a problem with my nieces and nephews from infancy on, I just assumed it would be the same.

Now my dog guards the baby if I leave her upstairs sleeping and come downstairs to do stuff. He'll bark if she starts to fuss to let me know, even tho I have her on the monitor and I can hear her otherwise as well.

I'd like to know more about what you're doing with the pups...It's a little late for me, but it doesn't hurt to learn more, right?

25 WEEKS!?!?!? Holy crap that flew glad things are going well...looking forward to your glucose post and baby bump posts....