Thursday, December 1, 2011

Real Time!

Congratulations! You made it through all my post and we're finally in REAL TIME!!! Woohoo! Now...I don't really have much anything exciting to say-lol! My next doctor's appointment is next week, just a check up and drawing (more) blood for an asp test to look things like Down's Syndrome and other things like that. Say a prayer for me please!

I'm still super weird and although I am talking more about actually being pregnant, I refuse to do any planning, purchasing, etc...My co-workers know that the "m" word cannot be mentioned around me. They are also ready to start trading shifts with me but I refuse to do so until after my next doctor's appointments. I've told my mother and my MIL there will be no planning until after Christmas (although my MIL has called me twice to tell me she has a crib) and my mom in general is driving me bananas. We did Christmas at Thanksgiving with my mom's family and she bought me a maternity nursing nightgown. 1. I don't wear nightgowns. I like pants and this girl wants her who-ha covered! and 2. I'm weird about what I wear in front of other people so I would prefer to pick that out myself. I know, I's the thought that counts!

DH and I are pretty sure we have picked out a boy name. As far as finding out the gender, I don't want to find out (which is TOTALLY not Type-A, OCD me) but DH does. I also don't want to tell names because most of the people I know are teachers or work with kids so I don't want to listen to the next six months of, "I had a kid named that..." or other comments. Noah and Precious are out of the running (they were never really IN the running) because apparently my mom had a bad experience with people named that. DH has told some people our boy name even though I asked him not to SO now that may be changed and as far a girl name goes, I won't agree until the delivery so he can't tell everyone that either!

So that my friends is where I am now. Feel free to ask comments because I won't have as much to post these days. Thanks for all your sweet comments and support! You all, as always, are the best!!!

Rabbit, rabbit!


Angie said...

Yay for real time! I have no clue what names we're gonna pick either. my stepmom gave me a baby name book last time, guess I need to get that out. I told hubs since he picked the german boy name, if we have a girl I get to pick the french girl name. Sophie is at the top of my list, but Sophie the giraffe is so popular that I don't want people to think i named her after a teether toy lol.

Kelly said...

So happy for real time! I agree with not telling people your names bc you will definitely hear things you don't want to. Even if they don't say anything bad you can tell just by their reaction! Congrats again!

Bobbi said...

Nice to have you in present time!!! :) I know you know I want you to find out the gender, but I will just wait until Mother's Day (or sooner!) to find out. Good idea to keep the name considerations a secret, although you know that just keeps us all in suspense. :) I hope you start feeling more comfortable with the fact that you are pregnant. I can tell you're having a hard time accepting that your bun is actually cooking and that he/she is doing just wonderfully!!! Just wait 'til that belly of yours starts growing. Then, you'll really feel pregers and you'll want to go out and buy things. :)

Bridget said...

So happy for you!!

Cherbear said...

I'm so excited for real time!!! totally agree with your reasoning for not telling the names! Shame on DH. LOL

Angie said...

Yeah for real time!!!! I always thought if I ever get the chance to have a baby I wouldn't find out the gender either - there aren't that many surprises left in this world! However, I know it is easier to plan (altho my "niece" came out a boy LOL) and now a lot of people are having gender-reveal parties which are a lot of fun. I don't know, it's a conflicting thing - but so fun at the same time! I hope one day I get to experience that "conflict" LOL. Congrats again!!! xoxo

SLES75 said...

It was a long time getting here...but SOOOO worth it...real time is awesome. I didn't even think of buying anything until I was viable. I was 35 weeks before I really started getting ready for baby. And I'm still struggling at 37 weeks.

As far as names go, just go with it. It doesn't matter who was named what, it's all in the nurturing process. And as far as finding out the gender, I had no desire to find out, again against every OCD bone in my body, but Babe had to know...I hope you get to hold on to that secret. Of course I used that as leverage. He picked how many we transferred and finding out, so I get to finalize the name :)

Can't wait to hear how things go IN REAL TIME!!!

Emily @ablanket2keep said...

So glad you are in real time now! It is all so exciting! I'm with you on the not telling names and also not wanting to know the sex. I understand your Hubby is excited and wants to talk about it, my Hubby would probably do the same.