Thursday, December 8, 2011

17 Week Check-Up

Girls, I'm exhausted! Life has been so crazy hectic the past month. This past month has been super stressful with work, home, etc...To sum it up, there's like a million things that have to be done at the end of work before the end of year which has been delayed due to moving an entire building (which is no easy feat!), DH and I hardly ever see each other...he's super busy with work, hunting and he is no longer going to FL with me the week after Christmas because of work. I've spent the past 48 hours trying to figure out how to get down there myself and we won't mention his plane ticket that's just being thrown down the drain. So yeah...busy, stressful...that's how it's been!

Now moving on to my appointment! I got to actually see Dr. Mat...for about 5 minutes! Did another Doppler and the heartbeat was at 140. She said that was good but it dropped 20 beats since my last appointment (11/10) so I'll be doing some research on that. And really, that was about all that I did! I had blood drawn for an asp test, results should be back in a week. I scheduled our "big" u/s for 1/8 (I'll be 21 weeks). DH and I are still politely "disagreeing" about whether to find out the sex or not.

This appointment was a little whirlwind and I have to be honest, I didn't really like how I was treated. First off, I got there and the lady kind of acted like I was an idiot and had never been there...whatever, no big deal. Then I wait forever in the room, listening to the woman in the room next to me talk about her rash (glad I didn't go in that room after her!). While waiting the nurse tells me at my next appointment I'll be doing my gestational diabetes test. She goes to get the drink and brings back the paper. On the top, it states "Done during weeks 24-28 of pregnancy." So I point this out and say, I'm only 17 weeks to which she replies, no, you're 20 weeks. UGH! This happened last time too! She checks again and yes, I'm not crazy, I am 17 weeks. She says never mind and leaves. Then Dr. Mat comes in and it was seriously like the quickest appt ever and I could tell she was in a hurry. She did give me directions on what to do when I fly (deny the scan and get a full body search-SWEET!), did a quick Doppler and tell me my pants were too tight. Side note: Yes, I knew my pants were too tight. I was trying to fit into the size 12 jeans I've worn to every dr's appointment. I felt a bit like sausage but I got them on! Then before I knew it, she was about to leave and I was like, wait, wait, wait!

The past couple weeks, I'll be laying on the couch and my heart will beat really fast so I wanted to ask about that. Basically, it's normal for pregnancy but I didn't understand why because she was talking so fast and I was really tired too. When I feel that, I'm to check my heart rate and if it's over 140 then call. I think I can handle that.

Then we headed out to schedule the "big" u/s, hoping to do it the week after Christmas because DH and I are both off but, of course, totally full and the other 2 dates I'll be in Florida. SO January 6 it is but then the lady starts writing on the notes and she writes 1/9 and I'm like, umm....I thought you said the 6th? to which she replies, oh yes, sorry!

SO that's my story about my 17 week appointment! I have to go right a nasty letter to Expedia right now about how they falsely advertise and I need a nap!!! Even though it was a quick, hectic appointment, I'm glad it went well!

UPDATED: You might be thinking what the heck is an asp test? Well, how about an AFP test, sound better? Wow! AFP stands for alpha feto protein and determines if your baby could be a risks for having open spina bifida, Down's Syndrome or Trisomy 18. It would help if I knew what I was talking about, huh?


Kelly said...

Just wanted to tell you not to worry about baby's heart rate. It should vary and that is normal...usually higher when baby is active and slower when baby is sleeping :). 120's to 180's totally good! Glad appt went well...even though it was frustrating...

Emily @ablanket2keep said...

Sorry it was so hectic, but so happy it went well!

Angie said...

I can't believe your pregnancy is almost halfway over! Can you believe that!!!!! I can't wait til my big ultrasound. I wanna know if I have a sophie or not lol. I think it will be Jan 14th! Sorry they rushed you around, that would tick me off too.