Friday, December 2, 2011

What NOT To Say

What not to say to pregnant IFers that is, feel free to comment with anything you think should be added:

"How many?"
I'm pretty sure if there was more than one, I would say that right off the bat. For me, it's tougher to answer this question because it brings back the thoughts of Baby B and having to explain that.

"See I told you if you stopped thinking about it, it would happen." OR "Did you have to go through treatment?"
Yes, I've heard all the crazy stories too of people who just stopped thinking about it and the "pressure is off" and then it just magically happened. Besides you wouldn't ask people who got pregnant the good 'ole fashion way, "So what position did you use?" It's kind of the same thing.

"Next time..." or "When are you going to do this again?"
AH!!! Seriously, let me get through this pregnancy first before I even start contemplating a next time. At this point, I'm saying we won't do any more treatments. It's just so much on you financially, physically, emotionally...and to go through it with one child already (more power to you mamas out there that have done that)-whew! I won't say never though.

So that's my tips of what not to say to a pregnant IFer. And the "m" word is strictly off-limits and not allowed to be said in my presence. There's like a whole separate list of what not to say to pregnant women in general that I won't even get into, for instance..."it's the hormones."

Happy Friday all and I'm thinking of you today Bobbi! She's have a C-section today with her little FET miracle Tristan!!!


Kelly said...

Ha! Totally agree with all of this :) I really hated it when people would try to get me to complain about being pregnant...I refused to do it! Only to my husband in the later stages ;)

Baby Hopes said...

I always get this now:

"Well, now that your body knows what to do, you'll have no trouble getting pregnant in the future at all. You just needed some help getting started. I bet now you won't be able to STOP getting pregnant!"

Um... I hope so, but I'm not that cocky. And I'm not setting myself up to be torn apart if it is just as hard in the future.

Jodi said...

I heard that too and i am telling you it doesn't work that way for everyone. My twins are almost 4 and i haven't use birth control in 3 yrs!

Hilary said...

I think I'm gonna start asking people that when they tell me they're pregnant - So, what position did you guys use? ;-)