Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 So Far & The Banana Thief

Well, I rang it in with a beer and a hockey game. While I would have preferred to ring it in with a hot chocolate on the couch and two babies in my belly, I still had a great time with awesome friends. 2011 so far has been bananas-seriously!!!

Saturday we spent the day home and lounging and I made a GREAT dinner for us if I do say so myself. Sunday we got up and headed to church but on the way there, I realized that the renewal tag for my license plate had fallen off so I spent most of church stressing about that-ugh!

Monday I headed back to work, it was a busy day catching up with everyone, working and trying to find the banana thief. What you ask? Well, on Friday I brought in 5 bananas so that DH wouldn't eat them at home. I don't think I've ever addressed it here but DH has a tendency to eat my lunch and other things I plan on eating. This morning, I found that one banana was missing!?! Here is the email I sent to my co-workers:

"Hello all! I hope you had a great and wonderful holiday. Today I’m starting my half-marathon training and diet-woohoo! Part of my diet is to eat a banana every morning. Last Friday, I brought in 5 bananas and left them on my desk in hopes that DH wouldn’t eat them. I come in today and one is missing! Apparently now I have to worry about my husband eating my bananas at home AND someone eating them off my desk.

Could you please let your staff know that they shouldn’t eat things on people’s desk without their permission? If you know who took this banana, please let them know that they are ruining my diet and I would like it replaced.

Thanks so much for your time and Happy New Year!

I did also have a bag of M&Ms on my desk for camp so kudos to the culprit for making the healthy choice! "

Today I also started my diet and half marathon training. I will have you know that it's now 6:33PM and I've stuck to my diet, didn't drink nearly enough water but I'm happy so far! I was supposed to walk 2 miles, run 1 and walk 2 more but I only walked one mile due to some hella shin splints. I decided to just take it easy and ease into this first week back since I haven't done ANYTHING in 3 months exactly (which was a full marathon!). Hopefully, I'll be able to keep all this up!

So aside from the missing banana and tag for my license plate, 2011 is going well. Now I'm off for some TI that is if I'm even ovulating, guess we'll have to find out!


Kim said...

Some of te places I have worked in the past had issues with the cleaning people stealing food at night...pretty sucky!

Good job on your diet & exercise. I wish I had your motivation right now.

Christa said...

WTF!? Who steals someone's banana off their desk? lol....yay to you for saying something!

Keep up that exercise, for the both of us! I'm a lazy bum who should've been getting in shape all year.

Thanks for the continuing support!

Jessica White said...

A banana thief? seriously?! i could understand stealing candy, but fruit. Oy!

Keep up the running.