Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Finally, the B**** is here

I went to bed last night, no Flo. Woke up at midnight went potty and she was there. DH came to bed about an hour later and I vaguely remember mumbling to him that she'd arrived. Just to show you why I'm so upset about her being late, here's my list of cycle lengthss since we started trying.

10/4/2009 29
11/1/2009 28
11/29/2009 28
12/25/2009 26 (Christmas!)
1/20/2010 26
2/16/2010 27
3/13/2010 25 (My birthday!)
4/11/2010 29
5/8/2010 27
6/5/2010 28 (My half marathon!)
7/3/2010 28
7/29/2010 26
8/27/2010 29
9/22/2010 26
10/17/2010 25 (Florida!)
11/22/2010 36-first part of IVF, was on lupron
12/25/2010 33-after ET, on PIO
1/25/2011 31-first period after IVF, no drugs in body other than prenats

I'm going to chalk this period up to a "recovery" cycle but Flo, you'd better show up on time for the next 6 months or we're going to rumble. Funny, when you're TTC you usually hope that AF DOESN'T come. For me though? I hope she shows on time, every month because I know it's not going to happen naturally so for me, Flo showing up on time let's me know that my body is "okay" and "on track" for when we do the FET. Thanks for the encouragement for Flo to get here.

FYI-I've been a mess of emotions lately over FET and what happens after that.


Bridget said...

Let the new cycle begin- good luck!!

COME ON BABY said...

I am happy flo decided to show up. Lets hope she acts right from here on out. xoxoxo

Kim said...

Glad she finally showed for you and hopefully your cycles bounce back to normal and stay on schedule.

Your emotions regarding FET I am sure is normal....when your ready to talk about them, were here to support you. Xoxoxxo

Christina said...

Welcome to my world. My cycles are generally 32 to 35 days long. Ugh. What I would give to know when I'm ovulating (not that it would help, but still). Hope you get back on track very soon!

Bobbi said...

My cycle looks JUST like yours. 28-day, sometimes 29-day cycles. This past cycle, I ovulated early. Like on CD 12. So, I was due to start my period Saturday, but it STILL hasn't showed. I've never ovulated early and I've never been this late, so I'm sure it's just the hormones throwing my body off, but I can't help but wonder if I'm pregnant (despite the near IMPOSSIBLE chance that is to be true). I hope you can work through your emotions regarding FET. It's so tough, I know!!! I still don't know when we'll end up going ours. Good luck with everything and am "happy" AF showed up for you! :)

Jessica White said...

Good luck! Hoping that AF behaves and shows on time.

Bridget said...

I gave you an award- come over and check it out!