Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dr. Val & FET

Seriously, if I hear "it's 50-50" one more time then I might scream!!! Last night was the doctor's round table to discuss how my cycle went. I was waiting all day for Dr. Val to call so at noon I called and left my work number. Of course, she called during our weekly staff meeting! I call back and about an hour later, she calls me on my cell on my way home.

To sum things up, she thinks things "went beautifully" with my stim process, she might have added one more day but other than that thought it went great. We have 3 "really good" looking totsicles so they suggest moving forward with the FET. I asked if we did this, could we put all three in instead of just two (so that we don't have to pay for another full FET cycle with only one embryo). She said of course (Sorry I forgot the figure!) but basically when they thaw them out that not all could make it so hell-we may not have ANY!

After discussing how my stimming went, she went on to say her famous, "it's 50-50" phrase. I asked her what that meant, like 50% that it could have been DH's sperm or 50% my body rejecting it. She said that there's a 50% success rate with my age so 50% get pregnant and 50% don't (I think 50 is her favorite word). She also told me that she can't ever guarantee me 100% like that I'll be on the other end of the 50% next time. She said sometimes women get pregnant on the first time and then on the second time they don't.

She explained to me again about the FET, how it cost less, was less time (only about a month) and less meds. She said there was no difference between doing it right away and waiting 6-10 months. I told her our game plan and she said she filled out the paperwork so I just had to call in May to get on the schedule.

I was wishy-washy about the FET, not that I don't want to do it, I'm just trying to be positive about it. But after hearing the whole 50-50 speech...again and that not all our totsicles may not make it, it kind of makes me sad. I may build up all this hope and excitement for our FET only for them to thaw them out and nothing. For those that have done a FET, at what point do they thaw them? The week of ET or before you cycle? Like would I have to do all the drugs and then find out nothing?

OH! And before we hung up, since she was gone and missed the whole "missed meds" freakout/adventure that we had. I told her briefly what happened and sung my high praises of Dr. Miyagi. She said she's be sure to pass that on to him, umm...I was just wanting to let you know since you're kind of like his "boss." Great, now I'm going to look like the freak lady whose obsessed. Sorry Dr. Miyagi-I'm just trying to help you out!

She went on to tell me that unless my periods are weird (longer than 35 days) then she'll just hear from me in May. And so the waiting continues...


Bobbi said...

Your experience sounds JUST like mine. The whole 50-50 statistic STINKS!!! We also have 3 frozen embryos, and I'm hoping my dr. will agree to transfer all 3. That is, IF all 3 make it through the thawing process. It's such a mind game, all of this! At least we have frozen embryos, right? I'm just afraid I'll land on the bad side of the 50% again and then I'll be left with nothing frozen. At that point, then what? Just wanted to let you know I feel your pain, I know your thoughts and I'm walking the same walk with you. Hang in there, girl. We'll get through this. :)

Christa said...

I'm sorry you're frustrated and I don't know what you're going through right now but I'm hoping so much that time passes quickly so you're able to do your FET and get knocked up!

Libby said...

I'm so sorry about it all and even more sorry that I have been there and failed too. I'm in Australia so our cycles run slightly differently but for my last FET I did the full work up (bloods, drugs etc) was just about in my car for the drive in for the transfer when I got the call 'so sorry but none of your embryos have survived, don't bother coming in'. Devastated is the only word I had. Here's hoping your FET gives you your BFP xox