Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Trying to Stay Postive

Trying to keep my thoughts positive...

*Picked the lower insurance which will save about $1,000 in 2011.
*Mountain Dew & Excedrin! This was really only the week after the BFN, now I'm on my diet and trying to stay away from sodas.
*My mom had me when she was 29, my sister had my neice when she was 29...if we do the FET in 6-10 months and I get a BFP then I'll be 29 when I'm due so that's gotta be something, right?
*Now I can get in shape, lose weight and be healthier before we try this again. I've got a 42 flight stairclimb in March and a half marathon in May and April so now hopefully I can focus and train well for these.
*I added up all the money spent and the grand total was just shy of $13,000 so I guess stimming faster saved us some money and we have $2,000 more for the next cycle than we expected.

While all these things are great and grand, I'd still rather have my two babies in my belly growing along (I'd be about 7 weeks right now). Trying to stay positive but I really miss them. :(


Angie said...

Proud of you for being so positive sis! Good luck on the training and weight loss - I'm on week 2 of my weight loss. So far so good. xoxo

SLES75 said...

Keep thinking can do it! I am doing the same thing and trying to be's not as easy as everyone makes it out to be....

Bridget said...

Positive thoughts....positive thoughts...I know it's hard but we have to stay positive. Maybe focusing on your training will be just what you need. I feel your pain on your loss- keep your head up!