Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Pants, Fatigue and Foot Massages

Today's post is going to discuss maternity pants, how flippin' tired I am all the time, discuss DH's wonderful foot massages and show way too many pictures of my belly. On to the excitement!

First off, I'm at this weird not really ready for maternity pants but totally getting uncomfortable in regular pants stage. DH thinks I'm squishing the baby in my current pants:

DH was super sweet and for our wedding anniversary back in October, he gave me a gift card to Kohl's to buy maternity clothes when I needed it. Well, I've been putting it off and putting it off so we finally went today. We walked and walked and I finally asked where their maternity section was...yeah, it was like 3 rows and that was it. Needless to say, we didn't find much and DH was totally bumming. I told him not to worry, I can ALWAYS find ways to spend money at Kohl's so the gift card wouldn't go to waste.

We then headed to Gordman's who didn't have a huge selection either but I found a pair of jeans that I liked. As I said before, I definitely don't think I'm ready yet but they are just way more comfortable: However, being all of 5'4 I usually buy petite or short pants. Maternity pants at discount stores don't come in these options. I'm sure some store out there does but I'm a cheapskate and I don't really want to spend ANY money on maternity clothes so I was happy to buy those jeans for $20 and I'll just roll up the bottoms or wear taller shoes.

Then we headed to the mall and I saw an Old Navy so we decided to go in and check it out. DH found these khaki cords which are perfect for work. I wasn't really wanting to buy any more pants because I'm going to FL later this week and my momma is going to take me shopping but DH was going on and on how he really liked these and they looked great so I decided I'd go ahead and buy them because I know I'll get my money's worth (I wear khakis usually 3-4 times/week). He went to get the truck (it was still bananas) and I jumped in line. Imagine my surprise when the pants rang up for only $9 (they already had a clearance sticker for $23)!!! Again, a bit long but I'll make it work!My bestie emailed me last night because she's going through her son's infant stuff and wanted to know if I wanted any. Yes please!!! So we're going to try to meet up one weekend in January to exchange (she lives on the other side of the state). She said she had an infant car seat with 2 bases and LOTS of maternity clothes! I figure the car seat can go in my MIL's car so we don't have to move car seats around all the time and hopefully the clothes will help me get through to May. Her son was also born in May and we're about the same size-woohoo!

Now on to fatigue, I thought you got your energy back in the second trimester!?! Apparently, I'm not but then again, it's the holidays and I have a TON going on. Today, DH and I ran around town returning and shopping and by about 2:30, I told him, I'm not sure how much longer I can handle this. The crazy thing is, we didn't even get out of bed until 9am and we were asleep by 11pm. Oh, I've also been having weird, vivid dreams which I think have kept me from falling into a deep sleep.

The fatigue issue falls into DH's amazing foot massages. He may not be super compassionate or understanding ALL the time but the man tends to my feet and I can't complain about that! I'm waiting for him to get home right now because a day out on the town has really made them TIRED!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!!!


Hilary said...

Those jeans look great on you!