Friday, April 29, 2011

NIAW: How I Celebrated

As all of you know, this week is National Infertility Awareness Week. I did a few things to honor/celebrate:

*On my non-IF blog, I've been posting infertility facts on each of my posts every day. They're probably sick of it but hopefully my readers will learn something new about infertility. FYI-I "came out" on that blog around Thanksgiving when I accidentally posted on that blog instead of here-oops! The support and care has been amazing-thank you ladies!

*On Monday, my half-marathon training plan called for 2 miles but I ran 5 in honor of our 5 embryos and in hopes that one day I'll hold one of them in my arms.

*This morning I took some yummy, delicious cupcakes to Dr. Val, Mary and staff:

Looks good, huh? Okay, wipe the drool off your chin so I can tell you about my visit with Mary. First off, I swear she looks different every time I see her (whereas I look exactly the same now as I did in middle school +/- a few...or more pounds). Here were the highlights of our conversation:

*I brought in the cupcakes but also one Gonal-F pen that hadn't been open. I was donating it and every time I talk to her about it, she asks me, "Are you suuuuurrrrree?" So I once again confirmed and she's going to mail me a form to fill out for a tax deduction-woohoo!

*I call on Monday to schedule our FET for the fall!

*I asked her about acupunture and she said go for it, if for nothing else the relaxation part of it. I'll start my research all over again on Monday.

*I asked if I could do a triathlon in August and I got a BFN from her but I AM allowed to do the swim part of it if I do the team portion. I apologized because it seems like my exercise endeavors are always interferring (remember we pushed back our fresh IVF last fall because of my marathon?). So no tri for me unless I find one in July to do but my July is filling up pretty quickly already.

*I asked if Dr. Miyagi was around but he was doing transfers with Dr. Val so I STILL didn't get to meet him. Mary said she'd be sure to give him a cupcake. I laughed and said, "He'll be like oh sweet-the cupcake lady!"

*I had called last week to make sure Mary would be in the office. I explained I wanted to bring in goodies for NIAW. She didn't even know that it was NIAW!

So that my friends is how I celebrated NIAW...what about you, what'd you all do?


Bridget said...

I wish I could have one of those cupcakes!! I can't wait for you to get started on your FET!

Baby Hopes said...

I love what you did to celebrate!!! Wonderful idea!!! Can't wait to hear about how your FET goes!!!

Bobbi said...

Simply are so cool!!! That's so awesome of you to bring in cupcakes. I can't wait for Monday to find out your FET dates!!! Exciting stuff! :)

COME ON BABY said...

The cupcake look perfect. LIke $4.95 each perfect!!

Thanks for the advice sweets. xoxo

Shawna said...

Thats really cool alyssa. Really sweet of you. You are totally missing out on Dr. Miyagi. He is a real McDreamy. Like cant concentrate at all when he is talking. lol Congrats on getting to schedule your FET on monday. Love ya girl!!