Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Dentist

Okay, so after my phone call with the acupunturist and my insurance company, I gathered myself up and headed to the dentist office. Really after the last two days, I was looking forward to the dentist. I walk in and see a big 'ole prego behind the counter. I sit down and wait to be called back. Guess who? Prego Mama. I sit down totally irritated about the phone call from earlier and know this prego belly was going to be just inches from my head. She asks if I've had any change in medical conditions since my last appointment. I say no. She asks how my gums are doing. I have horrible gums, I really need to floss more. I remembered Josey's post about how the fertility meds made her teeth bleed and I mentioned I had been on fertility medicine back in November/December. She said, "Oh yes that'll definitely have an affect, I've done that too." WHAT?!? This Prego Mama-to-be didn't just look at her husband and get pregnant? You mean she's a success story!?! I couldn't help myself so I asked what clinic she went to and she told me. We talked off and on, well as best you can with all that stuff in your mouth, about infertility and our treatments. She said they'd been trying for 1.5 years too and after 6 months with the doctor and IUIs (I don't know if she meant 6 IUIs or a couple IUIs and seeing the doctor for 6 months), she finally got pregnant. I was smiling on the inside thinking this turned out to be alright. THEN... She starts to tell me about my gums and when I'm pregnant. Insert eye roll now. How when I'm pregnant, I will have all these extra hormones in my body and my gums will get really bad and I might need to have them cleaned 3 times/year instead of two and just to call if I'm worried. Blah, blah, blah! THEN as I'm checking out and leaving, her departing comment, "Good luck! I hope you get pregnant!" Right in front of the receptionist that has no idea what we'd been talking about. A simple nod and simple was all I could do to keep my eyes from not rolling in the back of my head.


Jos said...

LOL...well, even though she had a few ridiculous comments, at least it was a few instead of an hour full from a Fertile. Glad you remembered my post! ;-)

Baby Hopes said...

OhMGeeze... I'm glad that it was encouraging to meet a success story, but a little more tact might have been nice. ;)

Christa said...

Oh. wow. Makes you wanna throttle her for being a bad member of "the club" doesn't it?

Jessica White said...

Eek! At least it was sort of supportive lol

Ashley said...

So I was at a place called Blaze N' Burrito a few months ago, and was obviously pregnant and standing in the front of the line to pay, when a girl that I used to work with (huge mouth), calls to me from the end of the line and says, "OMG, I heard you were pregnant, did you guys conceive naturally or did they have to take his sperm and put it in you?"
A piece of me died that
The point of this story??? It probably won't get any better, even after that BFP gets here. :)
And also, I HATE TO FLOSS. I'm always in trouble for it.
Good luck with your gums, stupid people, AND your future baby! :)

Krystie said...

OH My WORD. People are silly. But I honestly would of died laughing. It's like, well, "I hope that kid doesn't rip your ass hole coming out". I think they *think* it sounds good coming out. I have hope for you though!