Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Twit

I follow the "other" clinic on Twitter. They post random articles here and there, some I read, some I don't. Every single time I've commented on one of their tweets, someone has commented back to me. This always makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside especially since my clinic doesn't email and most of our communication is done via voicemail.

On President's Day, they posted a link to an article about how milk can help increase your sperm count. I responded, "DH would drink a gallon of milk a night if I let him and his sperm count still sucks." Seriously, if I bought 7 gallons of milk a week, he'd drink all of them and I would get none! Anyways, so they comment back, "That's what makes infertility so challenging. What works beautifully for one falls totally flat with another. Frustrating." I respond back with, "So far nothing has worked beautifully for us!" Later in the day, they tweeted how alcohol consumption can reduce the success of IVF (duh!), I commented with, DH and I had ZERO alcohol three months prior to our IVF and got a BFN. I should have just let it go but it was a rough day!

The next day I check my email and I have a direct message on Twitter from them, "So sorry you've struggled w/infertility & IVF. Is there anything we can do to help? Info? Support groups? We want to help." Do you know how many times my clinic has offered a support group? None.

I replied back, "Thx! DH & I are discussing what to do next including a consult w/ you. Sry to be a downer yesterday, some days are harder than others."

Their reply, "No need to apologize at all! Infertility has been found to be as emotionally difficult as cancer diagnosis. We're here for you." Know what Dr. Val said to me after telling us IVF was the only way for us to have a child of our own? "Why are you crying?"

I've gotten more personal attention from the "other" clinic than my own JUST through Twitter!!!

I did find out that at the "other" clinic, you have to pay $175 for your first consult-which I'm having trouble swallowing. I'll post more about that at another time though.


Angie said...

Wow, that's really cool that you've gotten that much just out of Twitter already. I think that money may be money well spent. xoxo

Anonymous said...

It sounds like the other clinic might be worth a shot. What is your name on twitter? I have one and want to follow you =)

Jos said...

Finding the RIGHT clinic is so important. It was $250 for our initial consult at CCRM, but I honestly believe it was the VERY BEST choice for us. Sometimes you have to pay up front to make sure you're getting that quality care. So far this "other" clinic sounds like they've gotten the customer care part down pat!

SLES75 said...

Sometimes you gotta go with the warm fuzzies...the first RE we went to was supposed to be the best of the best. We were willing to pay the out of network charges because we thought he was the best. After paying off those bills 3 years later, we realized he wasn't all he was made out to be. Instead I found a clinic that supports each patient and caters to each patients needs. I met with my first RE 1 time. He never examined me. In the past 9 months, I have had 8 meetings with the RE, she's examined me 3 times, offered counseling sessions, acupuncture, yoga, massage, and other individualized care. Just hearing her voice before my hysto the other day relaxed me enough to drop my b/p 15 points to well WNL. Warm fuzzies are way worth it...sorry for rambling, but I believe it's worth it. Keep us posted!

coberbro said...

I can say the $175 goes towards the IVF cost so it's not an expense on top of the cycle. Let me know if you want more info; I just emailed a ton to another blogger the other day.

It's totally worth it; even just doing the 15 minute free phone consult with the doctor can give you an idea as to whether you want the consultation.

We spent over $1,000 for our "consultation" at a clinic near us and it was horrible! Trust me, $175 is a steal for what you'll get!

I'm still rooting for you, no matter what you decide!

Christa said...

That last comment was me btw; I was signed into my other gmail account. :)


COME ON BABY said...

WOW honey, the OTHER clinic sounds pretty sweet. Tell everyone to be NICE TO YOU!!!!!!!!!! :)

Jessica said...

I am glad you can find support through Twitter! That is crazy that your other clinic is not as open to helping with the emotional side of things or any support suggestions. Bills quickly pile up with insurance doesn't cover IF for you, doesn't for me. BUT, it sure is worth it to at least know what is going on in your body and to know treatment options. Praying for you!

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

Wow, that clinic is really on top of things!!

Im really missing my old clinic. We can not go back, due to our newer insurance. It stinks cycling with a clinic youre not happy with. I have no choice..but you do. Id say spend the $ and at least give them a chance.