Tuesday, March 15, 2011

ANOTHER Clinic! And Our Decision

So after fretting about the "other" clinic and our current clinic, my co-worker tells me ANOTHER clinic and how much she LOVES them. Sigh...MORE DECISIONS!!! They are through another hospital and this doctor IS bored certified and they are still closer than our current clinic. I haven't called for any info yet but it's only the ONE doctor, like the "other" clinic. So points to the "other" and the "another" clinic, is that it's just ONE doctor and not a crapshoot which doctor you'll get like at our current clinic.

DH and I have talked and discussed and talked and discussed more and we've made our decision. Our totsicles are snug as a bug in a rug at our current clinic. We know the staff there, we know the procedure, we don't want to risk moving our tots around or if it fails, questioning what if we had stayed. So at this point, we're going to go ahead with our FET at our current clinic and pray and hope and cross our fingers, toes, legs, eyes that our totsicles get inside me safe and sound and grow grow grow!

Now let me talk about the $175 consult at the "other" clinic and why I'm having a hard time accepting that fee. I know in the big scheme of $13,000, $175 is NOTHING but here goes my 'plaining. Okay, based off our current clinic and the research I've done, I truly and 100% believe that IVF is the only way DH and I will have a child together. I feel that my body responded "beautifully" to the protocol they had me on, I mean 16 eggs and 5 embryos is nothing to frown about! So I, in my non-medical opinion, believe that any other clinic we go to is going to agree, yes, IVF is the answer and they'll probably put me on the same/similiar protocol. Our decision to move will be based on location, price and personality. Location-we already know. Pricing-we can find out before a consult. So this is where I have an issue paying $175 to decide whether or not I like the doctor's personality or not.

So the game plan is, if the FET fails, it'll be at least 1-2 years before we can do a fresh IVF cycle again since insurance pays nothing. When we feel that we can financially try again then we'll meet with both the "other" and "another" clinic and decide what's best for us at that point. So there, problem solved and decision delayed for 1-2 years or hopefully not at all!


Bridget said...

I'm glad you talked it out and made a choice- good for you! I would be worried about moving my little frozen babies around too.

Shawna said...

I think that is a great decision. I felt like WU was the best place for DH and I. (even though we werent successful.) Miss you lady

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a good plan! Hopefully you won't need to check any other clinics out =)

Jessica said...

It feels good to have a plan, doesn't it? So excited for you and hubs. Soon...very soon.

Krystie said...

phew! I was wracking my brain thinking about this post! I'm glad you guys came up with a game plan you're comfortable with. I wish insurance would cover SOME of this. I mean, it's a medical issue...oy