Sunday, March 6, 2011


I already posted this on my non-IF blog so sorry if you're reading this again BUT I wanted to share with my great IF friends because I think you should do this too.

Okay, so for the past 1+ year, I've really had an issue with my self-image. It's horrible! I've wanted to blog about it but I didn't want it to come off as a pity post just to get comments that "I'm great!"

Well a couple weeks ago, I woke up feeling down about a comment that DH made to me (hey, we all hurt each other feelings from time to time even if by accident), and hopped on FB. My good 'ole friend (and very CUTE friend at that!) S had on his FB status, "Compliment Yourself! Share something great or one of the favorite qualities about yourself."

Ten hours later, he posted another status, "There are 2800+ friends on my list and when asked to compliment yourselves, 15 hits??? That's all? If this were a trivial comment or something negative we'd JUMP on it. Give yourself Shine! Write it, then read it so you believe it. Compliment Yourself =) Share something great or one of the favorite qualities about yourself."

How true is that? We're all over statuses/blog posts that we disagree with or that come across negative but asked to compliment ourselves and we can't think of a single thing. Maybe it's because we're too hard on ourselves, maybe it's because we're afraid of coming across as cocky but today, I say WHO CARES!!! My challenge for you is to leave a comment COMPLIMENTING YOURSELF! Tell me about your great hair, your awesome personality, your pretty eyes and NO DISCLAIMERS! Just tell it like it is! I'll get us started:

*I'm proud of myself for coming this far in our IF journey. It's made me feel strong and special despite all the other feelings I have because of IF.
*If I say I'm going to do something, I will.
*I'm loyal.

Okay, so there, I complimented myself so now it's your turn...what makes you SHINE???


Anonymous said...

I think about other people's feelings a lot and am considerate.

I like my skin, I get a nice tan very easily.

Kim said...

I love this idea!!

I am a happy and fun loving, go easy kind of girl.
I am very thoughtful and genuinely car about people.
I try to help my community by doing volunteer work.

SLES75 said...

I'm not sure I shine...but know I glow....When I'm with the people I love, I glow with happiness and love. I too am proud of the changes I have made on my IF journey....I feel my husband and I have a stronger relationship because of our journey. I believe it's my inner strength and perseverance that has helped us get this far.

Thank you from within for helping us to remind ourselves about the good we have!

Bobbi said...

It's so true. People, naturally, bring down themselves. I'm so critical of so many things, but you're so right! We need to shine! We need to compliment ourselves. Thanks for sharing, girl! :)

As for my compliment, I have straight teeth. HAHA! And, on a more emotional level, I'm able to do so much more than I ever dreamed possible. :)

Anonymous said...

This is true and a good reminder. I think everyone is hard on themselves to a point, but us infertiles tend to be harder in more ways....we not only have the physical aspect of everything but emotional.

I am compassionate/caring and do like my green eyes :)

Kelly said...

Can I just tell you how much I LOVE this post??? This is such a super idea...

I am a great listener.
I like my blue eyes.
And I am proud of the fact that I am really good at my job......

Jessica White said...

how true!

I really like my smile :-D

Baby Hopes said...

Very inspiring! What a woman you are!!! This is something I think we all so much need (especially on this journey) but so rarely allow ourselves (we're often too busy criticizing ourselves for what's not working). So thank you, and here is what you've inspired me to say:

I am a loving, caring, and very involved aunt. I love my nieces and nephews dearly and sacrifice much for them.

I am very committed to advocating for human rights and minority rights. I've made a career of it. It's a life calling and is related in some ways to my journey through infertility.

I am extremely loyal and compassionate. My heart breaks for others, and I give whatever I can to make others happy. My husband comes first above all, which is a new adjustment that I think is much for the better.

kayee said...

I love this. We certainly don't do this enough for ourselves. Sure other people may compliment us, but even then, it's difficult to agree with them.

I am easy going, easy to talk to and a very caring person.
I have great hair that can withstand the beatings I give it.
And I'm pretty stylish if I say so myself. :)