Friday, October 1, 2010

I Think I Met a Prophet

Or at least I hope I did! This is a crazy weekend for DH and I. We just got home from a friend's bonfire, a celebration/hangout before his wedding tomorrow. We met one of his friends that we've NEVER met before. He asked how long we were married and if we had any kids. We said no but that we had two furbabies that were our family so it would be awhile before we had kids. That's how I answer that question because then usually the convo turns to dogs and away from kids. I missed what DH said but he kept saying, oh she's ready, she's definitely ready for kids. Then this guy that we just met who knows absolutely NOTHING about us says, "Oh it'll be'll happen by the end of this'll know by Christmas." I shot DH a look like WTH!?! Have you told him anything? Because that's all true!!! We will know by the end of the year and we'll be finding out right around Christmas time. He said it would happen so I'm really hoping this man is a prophet and that he's telling the truth!!!


COME ON BABY said...

Lets just say he was a Prophet. It will make for an awesome stroy :)

Conceptionally Challenged said...

That would really make a brilliant story ;)