Saturday, October 9, 2010

Praying for a Miracle

A friend of mine had told me about a spiritual center here in town that has a statue of St. Therese who performs miracles. I'm not Catholic so I'm not sure how saints and such work but I read up about her on their website and thought I'd go visit Therese. I mean, what have I got to lose, right?

We got there and the man in charge, Jack, greeted us. He was meeting with another couple and their friend so we joined them and he was telling us about the local miracles she performed. He looked right at DH and I and said, "I was just telling them how 11 couples had gotten pregnant after visiting Therese." We hadn't mentioned a WORD about us other than our names but he felt the need to tell us that. I hope we're couple #12! We listened to the rest of the stories and then he took the other people on a tour of the rest of the place.

I handed DH the handout on her so he could read. Jack had told us to be sure to look Therese in her eyes because they were so lifelike. While DH read, I sat on the floor and looked Therese in the eyes. In my mind, I spoke to her and told her all about our journey and what we were headed into. Jack had told us that other people had seen her move and I really wanted to see her move but I didn't but that's okay. I asked DH if he wanted to pray to Therese and his response was, "I pray to Jesus." I knew at that point that he was just there for me, letting me try what I thought I needed to try and I appreciated that.

I wrote down my prayer on a piece of paper and added it to the basket. They had rose petals there that Therese had blessed and I took a couple home then I lit a candle for us. I touched Therese and looked her in the eyes again, asking her for help and guidance. Then I snapped a picture which I'm not sure is allowed. He didn't say you couldn't take a picture, there was no sign stating that and someone else had but just to be on the safe side, I haven't posted it.

I thanked Jack for letting us visit and told him I'd be back. Therese is about two exits from Dr. Val's office so I'm going to make it a point to try to stop by and visit with her either before or after my visits to Dr. Val.

Since we were in a different part of town, we decided to grab dinner in that area. Here was our convo at dinner:

Me: Know what I prayed for?

DH: I hope a baby!

Me: No, well yes...I actually prayed for patience and understanding and to bless us with a child. Don't you think that was good to pray for because we all know I don't have patience?

DH: Yeah, you're right about that but you can't tell me what you pray for.

Me: (confused) What? Yes I can, it's not like a birthday wish! If I tell you, it's not like it won't come true!

DH: Oh....

He's so goofy sometimes! Oh, at the spiritual center, you have to take your shoes off. Well, today was a hot, fall day and I was wearing sandals. Know what good 'ole OCD me did? I took a pair of socks to change into!

It was a very interesting day and it gave me hope. I'm feeling good going into the start of our IVF and I'm actually looking forward to more visits with Therese.