Friday, July 30, 2010

The Update That Isn't Really an Update

So yesterday was day 1 of my period so I called Dr. Val's office to set up my trial embryo transfer and sonalhis only to find out that Dr. Val is out of the office this week and next. I can either wait until my next cycle or have another doctor in the department do this. I tried getting ahold of DH who is on man-cation with his best friend this week for 2.5 hours!?! Let's think about this, day 1 of my period, first major decision with our IVF, add in PMS and a headache from hell...not a good combination!!!

Since I couldn't get ahold of DH, I finally told the office someone else can do it because we want to stay on track for our IVF in October. When DH finally calls me back, he makes the comment, "Everything is so urgent with you." Then I, as calmly as possible which wasn't very calm at all, explained to him what was going on and then he felt really awful. He assured me that I made the right decision and that's what he would have said too.

Once that's done, headache from hell turns into massive migraine and as I'm laying in bed with an ice pack on my head, I realize-wait, if a different doc does the trial transfer then what's the point since Dr. Val will be doing the actual IVF. UGH! Why didn't I think of that earlier? Um...because I was in a panic frenzy that's why.

So this morning, I call DH back and explain that to him. We decide to call Dr. Val's office and let them know what we're thinking. I leave a message, go to work and come back to a message saying we could wait until September for this procedure (which is nice since we'll have the orientation on August 26 and know WAY more info). BUT that the doctor's all rotate weeks that they do IVF so Dr. Val may not even be the one that does our IVF!?! So really, we're just working with the entire office and Dr. Val will just be the one preparing us for the IVF.

I'm a little disappointed that we're basically still at the wait stage, I'm excited for the orientation and I know that my little OCD self needs to be prepared to get a little off schedule. I mean I should know better than anyone that things don't go according to plan because if they did, I'd have just given birth to my own child. So patience....patience...I'll keep telling myself that.


Kim said...

Oh my goodness, so much confusion! I would have panicked too and I would be dissappointed with thatt rotation scheudle. I suppose as long as whoever does the trial ends up being the one who does he IVF that might work out?!

But back to the rotation schedule. Dont we pick doctors based on credentials and stats?! Doesn;t it seem weird to chose a doctor and get another?! Do they not understand we are paying customers and we choose certain doctors for a reason? that just baffles me.