Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Test Results

Finally some good news after a day of awful news yesterday (un-IF related)! I talked to Dr. Val's office this morning about our test results. DH and I are both STD free-whew (actually no worries there so that was no suprise). I AM immune to chicken pox-woohoo!!! Party, party, party!!! No chicken pox for me.

But the BEST news of prolactin was 13!!! What I've been told is that under 23 is normal and my last two tests were 25 and 33 so I'm really excited. This means no medicine for me which I think may have been in shot form so WOO-flippin'-HOO!!! So moving forward from here, on day one of my next period, I call and set up some tests and then pay the first half of our IVF. This will probably be the first week or so of August. Then our orientation will be on August 26 and the ball will really get rollin'.

So happy to hear some good news and I was actually able to take my time and talk to the nurse today so I feel much better about everything!


Conceptionally Challenged said...

Yay for the prolactin!

COME ON BABY said...

I am happy your girl bits are VD free :)