Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Whine Fest

I'm going to whine, it's going to be a big 'ole whine and it's probably not going to be very nice so there's your warning!'s a pricey thing. Lucky for me, I've always been a saver. I rarely indulge in anything. I have buyer's remorse when I do and usually return stuff. My parents used to give me cash for birthdays/Christmas but they learned that I don't ever buy myself anything so they've started actually buying me things because of this.

So when we found out that IVF was our only option, we felt fairly confident that we could do this without financing (at least one round); however, it would almost completely deplete our savings, well, my savings. DH has been giving me extra money to put into the savings which has helped us to reach the not going to completely deplete but still have almost no savings. DH basically depleted his savings back in March (before we knew about IVF) for his ridiculous, outrageous truck...he is the complete opposite of me....buys whatever he wants, whenever he wants and has no buyer's remorse what-so-ever, just a naggy wife that won't let him forget it.

What do I do with all my savings? Well nothing really but it's there for emergencies, a down payment for a new vehicle, I wanted to go on this big elaborate vacation (either Hawaii or Australia) for our 30ths birthdays. That was the plan until IVF came along and now its being used for IVF.

This morning, I went to start my car to head to work and the engine briefly turned over and then nothing. Of course, my car wouldn't even move out of park to neutral because the car wasn't on and DH couldn't get his car by mine to try to jump it. This, of course, sparked an immediate fight...upset over the car not starting, being late for work, DH asking me to fix his lunch (which I do every night but he usually puts it in his lunchbox in the AM) but water was still in it from yesterday along with empty water bottles and then I found a spoon in the fridge that he'd left there last night-really, it was NOT a good start to a Wednesday...or any day for that matter.

I get to work and am by myself when the water works start. I really doubt it's the battery. Last time when my car wouldn't reverse, DH was like oh it's nothing big and then it turned out to be a $3000 transmission (this was in March as well-yeah for cars during that month!). So if it's not the battery, which my gut tells me its not but I sure hope it is, that means either one hella big car payment is coming or no IVF this fall. It also means that I'll probably be purchasing a car that I don't want but one that's in the budget. Okay, I have to end this post now before the tears start a coming more.