Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tink, Tink!

Hello! I'm here, I promise! Just nothing to update you on really. Waiting on Aunt Flo to get here so I can call and schedule my procedure and fun stuff and make our first payment. I'm anxious to get started but hesitate too because I hate doctors "being down there."

I also took a slight break from this blog because I can't re-iterate enough how this is MY blog for ME. It is MY true feelings and thoughts. I'm scared, I'm angry, I'm anxious, I'm excited and that's just the start of my feelings. Some days I'm positive, some days I'm negative, some days I'm confused and most days I'm just really overwhelmed. This blog allows me to write about all of this so that I don't let these feelings take over my life, this is my journal for me, my thoughts, my feelings. I understand if you don't want to read this but I want to write it.

With all that being said, sorry I've been gone but I needed to get away from the IF world since nothing's going on with us and just take a break. So that my friends is where I'm at...where are all of you? Enjoying summer I hope! Please let me know what you've been up to.


Conceptionally Challenged said...

Check the blog to find out what's up ;) Seriously, not much. I'll probably take a blogging break in August as I'll be travelling a lot.
I also think blogging can help a lot to work through your feelings, and I think my husband is glad he doesn't have to discuss every detail as much now that I can blog about it ;)
Good luck with all the initial procedures -- keep us up to date!

Keeping The Hope said...

I am also going through infertility. I have been in the battle of seven years. I have done it all....years of infertility treatments, IVF, 3 failed adoptions...and so on. It is one of the hardest things I have had to endure. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you and this journey. I found you just through blog hoping.

I have just started my own blog. It is not about my journey, or how to get pregnant, or all the methods out there. It is more about "keeping the hope" for you, others, me, and just anyone. It was started after a very long emotional blog on my family blog. someone read my blog and started a facebook group called "Keeping the hope for you." It was for my friends and family to keep the hope of me while I did not have the energy to do in myself. So hence my blog...

That is what the blog is about...helping everyone and anyone who either wants to keep the hope for them or a love one. keep our spirits up while we ride with roller coaster. I hope you stop by. I would love your comments, ideas, and thoughts.

keeping the hope for you.....Amanda

Sarah said...

You have to what's right for you! I keep check though.