Saturday, May 7, 2011

An ER Visit

And I don't mean Egg Retrieval! Thursday, DH comes home complaining that his back hurt, by 10pm, he was doubled over and couldn't move. Due to an extensive history with his kidneys, we headed to the ER. Turns out DH had a kidney infection and 2 stones in his bladder. The RN told us, that stones are more painful than pregnancy.

After that, we had to wait and I began to think about the hospital and pregnancy. How I'd be laying in the bed while DH was in the uncomfortable chair trying to read, stay awake, fall asleep and help take care of me. Then I began to think about how much pain DH was in and how much the pain would be for a pregancy. It's the weird little things that trigger thoughts like this.

After 3 hours at the first ER, they transferred us to another one downtown in scary Ghettoville. I won't lie, I was a bit scared for my life. The room we were in had sliding glass doors and I was just praying that they were bulletproof.

Anyways 7 hours later and a discharge at 6am, we finally headed home. We took a quick catnap and my wonderful DH got up and drove 5 hours with me to watch me in my half-marathon. As if I didn't know it already, he's so awesome! He's feeling 100x better and that makes me feel 100x better. It sucks to see someone you love in so much pain and not able to do anything about it.


Angie said...

OMG I'm so sorry to hear about DH, but am so glad he's doing better!

Unknown said...

Hope he feels better soon!

COME ON BABY said...

Ohhhhhh goodness. I am happy to hear he is ok. Sending my love to both of you.

Bobbi said...

You ran a half marathon after a night like that??? You go girl! And I'm so glad your husband is feeling better. Soon, the roles will be reversed and, like you said, you'll be in pain on the bed and he'll be by your side. :)

Jessica White said...

You ran a 1/2 marathon after being up all night: I second Bobbi....I'm majorly impressed! Glad your husband is doing ok.

Baby Hopes said...

That's so scary!!! I had a kidney stone the first year DH and I were married. It was extremely painful... hope he's feeling much better. Congrats on the half marathon! That's amazing in and of itself... and to do it after a night in the ER? You are a force to be reckoned with!!!