Friday, October 22, 2010

Whew! Relief!

I called this past Monday to report the start of my period. My favorite person in the office, Mary, was out sick. I finally got to talk to her today and I'm like whew-super relieved! As stated before I'll take the BCP until November 10. On November 7, I start the Lupron shots and I go to visit Dr. Val on November 17. I'm relieved because I only have to take the Lupron shots and no other shots before I go to visit Dr. Val which means I can be a total freak at my doctor's visits and ask 5 million questions about the other shots and mixing and storing and injecting...that's such a load off my shoulders because I was really freaking out about that! I'm pretty sure I can handle one injection a day at 20 units...seems easy enough.

Now on to those injections, I've been on the fence about whether DH or I would give the shots. After all the poking and prodding I've had done the past few months, I'm not scared about the needle, my biggest fear with the self injections has always been the I giving too much, not enough or just right. In my mind I think I can give myself the shots on my own but I don't know, and won't know, until the syringe is in hand and I have to stick it in my belly. Okay so DH can do it but I'm not 100% sure with myself doing it as a non-medical professional so I'm definitely not 100% okay with him.

Guess what? The decision was made for me...I'll be giving myself the shots. Why? I switched a bunch of shifts at work so that I wouldn't have to take a half day to go to the doctor's all the time, this way I could go in at 2 and no worries. My Lupron shot has to be done between 6-7pm. Day 2 on the shots, I have to work that evening. I'm a little worried about being interrupted and rushed but I'll deal with that when it comes. The good news is that the first shot is on a Sunday which means I'll have plenty of time to read, reread, watch the video, rewatch the video, measure, measure again, clean, clean again a million times until I'm ready to give myself the shot.

The jist of this post is that I'm relieved that its only one shot before I see Dr. Val again, I'm relieved that I know whose giving the shots now I just hope the meds get delivered in a timely fashion tomorrow!


Hoping for our own Peanut said...

Hopping over from Shawnas blog. Im going to add you to my blog roll.

Good luck with the injections. They arent all that bad, especially the Lupron ones.

We may be cycling very close together. :)

COME ON BABY said...

OK so I have NEVER given myself an injection but feel the fear you feel!! You may have already read this bit of info but ice the area before the injection. I heard it makes all the diff. Good luck!!

Shawna said...

Yeah! You go through it first and then let me know what to expect!! lol At least now I know some type of a time frame I will be looking at for how long before I go see the Doc. Have a great weekend!!