Thursday, September 1, 2011

Frozen Stuff

I came home from work today and there was a letter addressed to DH from our clinic. I called him and opened it. Inside was a letter saying that we needed to decide whether or not to keep his cryopreserved semen or decide to discard it. If we keep it then we'll have to pay a storage fee. I had to re-read the letter because at first I had no idea what it was talking about. Then I remembered...

Back last September and October, DH went in to bank sperm in case we couldn't get a fresh sample the day of the transfer for our fresh cycle. Well, when they thawed it, none of the sperm made it out. I guess in my mind I just assumed they didn't keep it but apparently they did. I called Mary to discuss with her which did absolutely no good because, of course, she can't tell me yes to get rid of it or no, not to. I still have to confirm with DH but I think we're going to discard because 1. both samples thawed from each time did not make it. 2. Fresh sample is always the best. 3. DH can always produce more.

Anyone have any thoughts/reasons why we SHOULD keep it? Remember this is just the sperm, not our totsicles.


SLES75 said...

as long as your DH can keep making sperm, I'd say get rid of it. No reason to pay for the storage if there's nothing really being stored, right?

And since you're doing an FET I think you can worry about freezing another sample later...before your next fresh IVF cycle if you have one...