Sunday, September 25, 2011

This is why I heart blogging!

Much to my surprise, I woke up this morning to a sweet email in my inbox. My newest follower, Ash, had sent me an email. Apparently, I don't hide identities real well because she was able to figure out who Dr. Val and Mary were! Oops! She went on to write:

"I want you to know that your blog helped me know what to expect and even find humor in what we were going through. I am fortunate enough to say that my first IVF worked and I'm now 13 weeks pregnant with a singleton after transferring two fair quality embryos. Again thank you..."

I was almost in tears! Aside from documenting my own journey, my goal of this blog was to help other women in the same situation. When I was first facing infertility, I wanted the down and dirty truth and I scoured the web looking for answers. This is why I blog about EVERY LITTLE DETAIL! It makes me feel so good that she was able to gain something from my blog. I feel like this blog has met its purpose.

A big congrats and good luck to Ashley and thanks for following!


COME ON BABY said...

That's great. You are a good woman my dear. I makes me smile everytime I see a new post from you. You always have heartfelt, funny and inspiring things to say. xoxoxoxo

SLES75 said...

I started a blog for the same reason....and I follow a bunch of blogs to get as much info as possible...I swear I get more info from women/men blogging about this stuff than I do from my RE or google search.

Thanks for sharing and keep it up....

Jessica White said...

This is what makes it all worthwhile, the blogging bit.