Sunday, August 28, 2011

"Rumor Has It"

Have any of you seen this late 1990's movie "Rumor Has It"? I'd watched it when I first came out (I think I was in high school) and bought the movie a few years ago but didn't really remember the details. This afternoon, I thought I'd pop it in and watch it again.Funny, back in 1997ish when it came out, I never caught on but today would you believe I watched the whole movie and the one thing I took away from it was that it was infertility related? Basically, Jennifer Aniston's character thinks that Kevin Costner may be her father. When she confronts him, he says he's sterile because of blunt testicular trauma. Later in the movie, his son appears and she freaks out to which Kevin explains that it's not his biological son. His wife and him used a sperm donor.

That is definitely not the main focus of the movie but as a woman in the IF world, I thought it was very interesting. Any other movies you know of that mention IF or anything along those lines? We should start a list of them. Happy Sunday all!


Jessica White said...

I remember watching that movie ages ago....I think I need to re-watch it because I don't remember any of that. Wasn't it a play on the Mrs. Robinson thing?