Friday, August 27, 2010

Waiting on a Phone Call

So my period started late last night so around 9:15 this morning, I called to tell Dr. Val's office and set up the trial ET and sonalhist plus I was waiting to hear back about which cycle to start our IVF on. Usually they are great about returning phone calls and by great, I mean within the hour. Not today though so of course I was on edge ALL day!!! I had told the lady the day before that I got off work at 1pm so maybe she was just waiting until after then. Hmm...

It's almost 2pm now and no word and I know this lady gets off at 3pm so I call and suprisingly she answers! She tells me that after she talked to Dr. Val, I'll have to wait until my October period to start if I'm going to run a marathon. She assured me that it wouldn't interfere with their shut-down time. Okay, at least now I kind of know what's going on but at the same time, the way she said it made me feel like I was doing something wrong. I mean, my goodness-most doctors would be thrilled their patient is working out so now I'm freaking out about the marathon...should I do it or not???

About 20 minutes later, Secretary Old Lady with No Feelings calls to tell me the trial ET and sonalhist will be on September 8 which will be day 13 of my cycle. Um...okay. I then ask her when do I need to order the meds. Her response was, "She didn't go over it with you?" I'm not even for sure what "she" she's talking about and I'm already upset about the marathon so in my best I'm not crying but oh she can totally tell I'm about to lose it voice I say, "No, we just went to orientation yesterday and I was just wondering when the medicine is ordered and by who?" She totally ignores my tears and says she'll have someone call me. Call me about what!?! I just wanted to know one simple question.

So now I hang up and call DH in total tears trying to explain everything to him. He does his best to control me and tells me I'm strong and we'll figure it out. About 30 minutes later, Secretary No Feelings calls back to let me know that I should make a list of questions to ask Dr. Val at the trial transfer-um...duh! I have a list a mile long but haven't seen her to ask or when I do ask something on it I keep getting sent around.

So that's the update, stuff going on 9/8 and then starting on my October cycle. Guess I gotta start preparing for that now...mentally, physically, emotionally...


COME ON BABY said...

They should not allow b*tches to work at the RE's office. I has one lady at my RE's office make me what to give up. She was a beast!! Good luck sweetie.