Sunday, August 29, 2010

I Think I Need a Drink

Last night, DH and I went to a wedding reception. It was open bar but, of course, neither of us are drinking, trying to grow the best sperm and eggs we can for our IVF. Both of us are sooo over water so before dinner was served, I was standing around with a couple friends saying how I wanted a fun, "fake" drink. After the usual, why aren't you drinking and glances to the stomach and me having to repeat over and over that I'm not pregnant and I don't usually drink (which I really don't), I finally decided to get orange juice and cranberry. FYI-I really wanted an amaretto sour, I only get those at wedding receptions so I was really bummed but I enjoyed my fake drink.

It was really funny because as I was walking off, I heard two ladies in line behind me ask the bartender what I was drinking because it looked really good. She was telling them there wasn't any alcohol in it so I turned around and told them to just add some vodka and they'd love it.

Anyways, I had two of these throughout the night and DH and I were about to leave. We were waiting on them to play a certain song and after 5 more songs, I decided to get one more drink because I knew we'd be there for awhile. I walked up to the bar and without even thinking, I said, "Can I get cranberry vodka?" As soon as I said it, I stopped and tried to replay in my head what I'd said. DH was standing there and his eyes got huge, I started laughing and luckily, it was the same bartender all night so she knew what I'd been drinking. I asked, "Did I just say cranberry vodka? Wow! I meant OJ and cranberry." DH just stood there shaking his head laughing at me.

Wow, it's been a really long week, hell, it's been a really long YEAR...I think I need a drink!


Kim said...

The fake drinks sounded like fun! I can only imagine the questions though when people realized you weren't drinking.....argh! Good job making the most of it.

COME ON BABY said...

Hey, Thanks for the positive baby thoughts!! Lord knows I need them :) Haven't started IVF YET. Soon. Apodtion is my daydream preparing me for the "worst". My honey isnt even close to being ready for adoption. He is 100% sure IVF will work. And let hope he's right!!!! After 7 failed pregnacies.......... UGH!!! Best of luck to YOU. Cheers, Jen

Jessica White said...

I think you just might need a drink lol

I think some drinks are just the power of suggestion...people are willing to try almost anything that looks yummy! I don't get why people feel it's ok to ask a thousand questions.