Friday, August 19, 2011

"Invisible Loss" by Deb Grissett

I'm really enjoying helping with the Midwest Infertility Awareness Conference. I'm contacting authors and such to donate for the conference and I've spoken to a couple that are super nice. Today, Deb Grissett called me and we talked on the phone for 20 minutes about the conference and our journeys. She's helping put on an expo in Jacksonville, FL in November. It was a really uplifting conversation and exactly what I needed today. I'm leaving you with a clip of her song that she wrote. Deb dealt with secondary infertility and after 6 years of trying for a second child, her husband and her decided that one was enough for them but she's still very active in the IF world. Thanks for being out there Deb!


Bobbi said...

That is such a beautiful song! My gosh. Invisible loss is the perfect way of describing infertility. That's so neat that you're involved in the conference. Good for you! I bet it feels good to be involved in something so personal and important to you. That author you spoke with - what a woman. To try for 6 years and then finally see that one child is enough. I can't imagine what it took to come to that realization and be truly joyful about it. I'm imagining your FET is coming up! I remember you kept saying Fall! Well, Fall is next month! :)