Monday, June 6, 2011

When We're Not TTC

Hey ladies! I'm sure you've wondered where I've been...or maybe not. Not really doing much on the TTC front so I bet you're saying, well A, what do you do when you're not jabbing yourself with lupron/PIO, taking cupcakes to the RE's office or researching other clinics in my area? Well, let me tell you! I had some awesome pics to go with this post, complete with captions and all so that might be a post for another day.

Since our BFN three days before Christmas, I picked myself up and decided to make some changes for the better. I've lost about 20 pounds since then and I feel better and have gotten tons of compliments that I'm looking good which makes me feel good. I did a 40 flight stairclimb and beat last year's time which was only the start of my PR's (personal record). I ran a 5k, 10k and half marathon all in one week...PRing in all of them and SMASHING my old records (a sub-30 5k!!! Big girl can RUN!). A month later (this past weekend), I ran another half marathon and didn't PR but beat my time from last year's race so I was pretty thrilled about that. I started speed training so I'm sure a 5k will be on my schedule soon. I swam 15 miles in about 3.5 months to join the Swim Mileage Club-big deal for me. I've survived one week of summer camp (even if we only had 23 kids the first week vs 160 the other weeks, it still counts as survival!)! I endured my first ER visit with DH and I didn't stroke out at the cost (I even thought about going to my RE's office to nap because it was 2 streets away and they have much comfier couches). I had planned on doing a tri but Dr. Val denied it but I'm still planning on training just probably not as intensely. I've read a TON of books, blogged a ton on my non-IF blog and had some awesome outings with friends and family. I've volunteered for some really awesome organizations.

So yeah, I've been busy because all of that is OUTSIDE of work. I've tried to loosen up on the OCD and "go with the flow." It's been a fun, active winter/spring time and I can say that I'm VERY proud of myself. So see, I DO have a life outside of TTC! ;) And because I'd planned pictures but cant' get the ones I want to upload, I leave you with this picture I took while in FL last fall. We won't be going on a vacay anytime soon but at least I have pictures to brighten my day!


Bridget said...

Glad you're ok- I was wondering where you were!! Sounds like a very busy and fun spring!

Kim said...

Wow thats some impressive stuff you have been doing! It's so nice not to be consumed by IF, hunh? congrats on all the PR's and the 20 lb weight loss, so proud of you! xoxoxox