Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I Hate Bills...And This and That

I came home today and had a bill from the hospital where Dr. Val works at. It says the bill is past due, yet its the first time I've seen it. Of course, it's too late to call by the time I get home. I pull out all my receipts and have all my documentation to prove I paid then I start looking's for the ICSI and storage fee. UGH!!! Like I really want to be reminded of my BFN and want to PAY for something that FAILED! So looks like I'll be calling tomorrow and dropping another $1800+ for the last IVF. Bringing the grand total for our failed IVF to $14,852.77-awesome. I would have rather paid this in December and be done with it. Hospitals suck.

I had my second acupunture today. It went awesome! I brought music and closed my eyes. I focused on our babies, holding them in our arms, telling people it worked...being positive! As the songs came on, I pictured myself teaching my kids Jimmy Buffett's "Cheeseburger in Paradise" (yes I was listening to some Jimmy) and running through sprinklers as hot as today was. It felt REALLY good! I'm actually looking forward to next time.

Oh a sadder note, which is why it's hard to be TOO upset about much tonight, I had a frantic phone call from one of my camper's parent today. I knew the parents were divorced and I was dreading getting in the middle. Turns out, her mom was calling to tell me that her ex-husband (the camper's dad) had died two weeks ago. This was just three days after I met with him. I meet lots of parents throughout the course of a summer, some I remember for good reasons, some not so good, others come and go and I don't remember them at all but him? Him I remembered. It was a crazy stormy day and we were trying to get in the basement of the building running outside only to find the doors locked. Most parents would be PISSED because of this and because we were VERY distracted trying to take care of things with the storm. But he was laid back and calm, very friendly, shook my hand, introduced himself. She is in our junior counselor program and he treated her like an adult, making her ask the questions or feeding her info to ask. I REALLY liked him because he seemed like a great guy who was really interested in his daughter actually gaining something from our program, not just using it as babysitting. So my heart's sad tonight for her and her family.

Sorry this is a mish-mash of a post!


Hoping for our own Peanut said...

BOO to paying more for a failed IVF. That just plain sucks.

Im glad youre enjoying acupuncture! I love it but its just too expensive to keep up with.

Baby Hopes said...

Oh my word... thinking of your camper. What unexpected and heartbreaking news.

So sorry you're having to pay more for something that's already such a source of pain. That's complete BS in my opinion...