Saturday, April 28, 2012

37 Weeks!

No induction scheduled at this time-whew! Blood pressure still borderline, when I arrived it was 142/90 which I was REALLY nervous and then the nurse took it right before I left and it was
142/82. I was super nervous about this appointment because I had NO IDEA what to expect, I was hot and I could hear the nurse coming to see me chatting with a pharmacy rep outside my room and I was getting totally irritated. If I'd had pants on, I would have totally opened the door and been like, "HEELLLLOOOO!!! Pregnant, uncomfortable woman in here, come check me and let's go!" But I didn't...

When she finally came in, the good news was that there wasn't any protein in my urine (despite the PB and graham crackers I'd had for breakfast) and Baby A's heart rate was in the 140s.
I, on the other hand, had that borderline BP and super swollen hands, feet and legs plus I'd gained 5 pounds since last Friday and still no dialation (seriously, I hate checking for that). So unless I go into labor on my own or my BP spikes REALLY high (160/100) then I go back next Thursday for my doctor's appointment and she will probably schedule me to be induced at 39 weeks so the following Tuesday or Wednesday (May 8 or 9).

Random Thoughts:
*I feel better/yikes after this appointment. When I left my appointment last
week, I had no clue how today's appointment would go. After leaving today, at
least I feel like we have a game plan and being OCD, I like knowing a date. I
feel yikes because my BP was higher than it had been all week so that worries me
so I'll just have to keep close tabs on that. I loved hearing her say that Baby
A's heart beat was good.

*As much as I DON'T want to be induced, at this point, I just want Baby A to
be okay. After this weekend, I will start trying all the old wive tales to go
into labor on my own so please leave any tips. The nurse said that eating spicy
foods would probably just give me a belly ache (plus I don't even like spicy
foods) and she'd recommend walking but not for me since that'll just make me

*I haven't mentioned it but one of those pregnancy symptoms no one tells you
about is the excess saliva. Seriously, I choke on my own spit ALL the time, I
drool at night and I even caught myself drooling when I had the fridge door open
the other day! Weird...

So please keep Baby A and I in your prayers, we'd really appreciate it! Have a good weekend!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Ways to Pamper Yourself During the Last Month of Pregnancy

By the time I got to the last month of my pregnancy, I thought I was an expert. After all, I’d already been pregnant for many months and read all the books. And then… everything changed. Well not everything, but a lot. My feet swelled up and my ankles disappeared, and my hips and pelvis hurt like crazy as these ligaments prepared for labor. My heartburn and indigestion increased too. Luckily, I had my partner around to help pamper me and my mom to show me some tried and true ways to make this last month a little more comfy. Here's what I learned:

  • Go Swimming: If you’re near a pool, beach, spring, or river, go swimming! The gentle exercise is great for your tired and achey body. It’s the one place I actually felt graceful and like my old self during the last few weeks of my pregnancy.

  • Nap During the Day: If you are already in your last month of pregnancy, I probably don’t have to tell you this. For those who aren’t quite there yet, when your baby’s head finally drops, the aches and fatigue can really go up. Sleep becomes important for helping your stressed-out body recover.

  • Put Your Feet Up, Literally: Top Mommy Blogs bloggers recommend buying several pillows (think 5-10), to make it easier to arrange your feet when you’re sitting or lying down. Propping them up will reduce swelling.

  • Take Baths: As the baby shifts more pressure gets put on your thigh region, and you’re especially susceptible to hemorrhoids and general discomfort. Taking warm baths will help soothe this area of your body.

  • Assemble Your Hospital Bag: Pamper yourself by focusing on the birth and making your time in the hospital as smooth as possible. Pack your favorite robe, fuzzy socks, and comfy slippers. Take time to decide what you’ll wear on the way home and pick up any toiletries that will make you feel better while in the hospital—a little makeup, your hairbrush, favorite lotion, and deodorant are all good options. Reading material, such as an e-reader, magazines, or books, as well as an iPod can keep you entertained during the time between contractions. Check out Sonogram Technician for pregnancy and birthing blogs with more tips for packing your hospital bag.

  • Get a Reflexology Pedicure: Whether you head to a spa or have your partner give you one at home, a reflexology pedicure is a great way to relieve your aching feet and possible some of your body aches as well.

  • Sources: American Pregnancy (2012) Birth Whisperer (2010)

Friday, April 20, 2012

36 Weeks!

I'm home after my 36 week appointment. First off, the doctor was running over an HOUR behind!!! Today starts my weekly appointment and my Strep B test. First off, checking for dilatation was much more uncomfortable than the swab they took for the Strep B test so pregos out there-don't stress about it! I wasn't dilated at all.

To sum up this appointment, Baby A might be making his/her debut sooner rather than later...why? I'm borderline preclampsia. Blood pressure today was 136/84. I'd gained 10 pounds since my last appointment two weeks ago which the doc said she could tell was water being retained in my feet, legs and hands. I had a small trace of protein in my urine. So she can't officially say that I have it but I'm probably for sure going to get it and if that happens BEFORE I go into labor or my water breaks on its own, the only treatment is to induce for the safety of both the baby and me. If preclampsia is not treated then it could turn into eclampsia which could cause me to have seizures which is bad for both baby and I for a variety of reasons.

I'm doing my best to not freak out. Luckily, my mom is here tonight and cooking dinner so I probably won't get off the couch too much. This was DH and I's weekend to get stuff done around the house. When I told him what the doctor said, he said, "Well, we'll get everything done this weekend and then be ready to rock and roll!" Neither of us are thrilled with the idea of being induced but we know we have to do what's best for Baby G. So please say a prayer for Baby A and I that my BP and swelling gets down and s/he gets another week to cook in there!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

First Trip to L&D

Yep, DH and I had our first trip to L&D yesterday. I've been super swollen the past few weeks and my OB has noticed. She's told me that as long as my BP was okay and my face wasn't super swollen, not to worry about it. I've been taking my BP pretty much every other day at work and it's been in the 120s over 70s range which is normal. On Friday, I was in a conference all day, not really walking too much. When I got home, I noticed my feet were HUGE!!! Like barely fit in my shoes huge. My mom and my good friend had come up because on Saturday, I was having a brunch shower at my house for my friends and then in the afternoon, I was having DH's family shower. So Friday night, I laid on the couch while us girls chatted about the shower and then we were all in bed by about 9:30. I drank a big glass of OJ right before bed because I feel like the baby moves a lot when I drink that. As I laid down, I felt this weird ache right below my ribs (which was something else my doctor had told me to watch for). So for the next hour, it came and went and I was up and down going to the bathroom. I was still feeling the baby move when I drifted off to sleep.

I woke up Saturday morning excited to see all my friends and family! I glanced at my feet and the swelling had gone down some but were still pretty big. I had my mom look at them and she agreed they were big. DH drove me to Walgreen's to check my BP which had jumped to 139/89 which was high for me! We got back home and I called my doctor's exchange line. It wasn't my reg doctor that called me back but her partner, after we chatted, she told me to go ahead and go to the hospital just to double check everything. So about 8am, DH and I load up to go to the hospital. I was apologizing over and over to my mom and 2 friends getting ready for the shower but trying to stay calm at the same time. DH was so irritated with me because he told me that I "always pick the most inconvenient times" to freak out and told me I should have called during the week. Sorry-my BP wasn't high during the week and it's not like I was doing this on purpose!!! DH asked if I had my bag packed and I said no so I got the lecture that it had better be packed by the end of the weekend. On the drive to the hospital, I just kept thinking to myself, I am so not ready for this! I mean yes, at home we are and we've had the classes but mentally and physically, I was NOT ready if I had had to deliver.

We got to the hospital, checked in and got back in a room. I gave my urine sample (no protein in there-yah!), had to take my pants off and got hooked up to a BP machine. First reading, 125/80. Grrr...I stayed for about an hour having my BP taken every 15 minutes with the final reading being 108/66. Moral of the story: don't go to Walgreen's to have your BP taken! The nurse sent me home, without having to look "down there" and I made it back in time for the last hour of my shower. Looking on the bright side, it was nice to spend that part of the morning listening to the baby's heartbeat because they had me hooked up to a monitor the whole time I was there.

Did I overreact? Probably but I'd much rather have been safe than sorry. We're so close that I just want to make sure everything's okay. Had my BP not spiked that high and my feet just been swollen, I wouldn't have even called. I told DH we were just making a practice run for when the real time arrives!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

34 Weeks!!!

Just got home from my 34 week check up and all looked great! Baby's heartbeat was 132, s/he weighs 5 lbs 7 oz (give or take a pound), s/he is in the 50th percentile and all my fluids looked good. I was measuring EXACTLY 34 weeks and 3 days. I did have a HUGE weight gain but the nurse told me that it could be because of fluid retention and then she took a look at my feet and was like, "Oh yeah!" Now on to the excitement then I'll ramble again at the bottom. Here's Baby A, I'm pretty sure s/he has got my nose!Same picture but DH couldn't go with me so she printed it saying, "HI DADDY" I'm going to put it in his truck on my way to work today.

Let's discuss a few things now, shall we?
*I read that breastfeeding is directly associated with your prolactin levels. UGH! Luckily, the nurse and I discussed and despite my high levels pre-pregnancy, she doesn't think this should affect my ability to breastfeed and Dr. Miyagi agrees.
*I have had major sinus/allergies added to the third trimester and my lack of sleep and I'm seriously EXHAUSTED! I think this is God's way of preparing me for when Baby A arrives. I'm trying to avoid meds as long as I'm not running a fever or have green snot. I'm going to give it through the weekend then if I'm not feeling better, start taking some meds. I promise though, my voice makes it sound worst than it actually is! However, the whole being tired thing plus swollen feet does make my productivity level decrease which worries me about getting everything done at work before I leave. I've been trying to do one big task a night at home to get ready for the baby. I'm going to get the carseat installed next week and I'm cleaning all the baby stuff we've borrowed this weekend.
*Okay, I've had hanging moles before on my neck, no big thing. However, in the past month, I've gotten a skin tag on my butt, more hanging moles (the nurse says they are also skin tags) and all the freckles I have on my chest are now raised. I asked the nurse if this was my imagination or a result of pregnancy, sure enough pregnancy hormones create this. Glad I asked so I can rest easy now.
*Next appointment is in 2 weeks and then I go every week and it's pants off every appointment to check my cervix! How exciting, I can't wait to meet our little one but I want to enjoy as much of the next 6 weeks as possible!!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

"Maternity Photos"

I guess you could call these "maternity photos." It's the best our little camera, self-timer and Picnik could come up with. I don't really like having my photo taken but I felt like I should document this as much as possible, especially since this may be the only time I'm pregnant. I'm pretty happy with the end results. OH! And I've decided not to block out our faces, most of the people who read this know who we are!

Here's DH and I
Not a great bump shot but I love it!A little collage that we made, the chalkboard says, "For this child, we prayed..." which isn't that true? DH debated with me that it should say, "For this child, we pray..." but I tried telling him it was part of a Bible verse and the ED won out!

I'll definitely be printing some out to put in the baby book!