Saturday, April 28, 2012

37 Weeks!

No induction scheduled at this time-whew! Blood pressure still borderline, when I arrived it was 142/90 which I was REALLY nervous and then the nurse took it right before I left and it was
142/82. I was super nervous about this appointment because I had NO IDEA what to expect, I was hot and I could hear the nurse coming to see me chatting with a pharmacy rep outside my room and I was getting totally irritated. If I'd had pants on, I would have totally opened the door and been like, "HEELLLLOOOO!!! Pregnant, uncomfortable woman in here, come check me and let's go!" But I didn't...

When she finally came in, the good news was that there wasn't any protein in my urine (despite the PB and graham crackers I'd had for breakfast) and Baby A's heart rate was in the 140s.
I, on the other hand, had that borderline BP and super swollen hands, feet and legs plus I'd gained 5 pounds since last Friday and still no dialation (seriously, I hate checking for that). So unless I go into labor on my own or my BP spikes REALLY high (160/100) then I go back next Thursday for my doctor's appointment and she will probably schedule me to be induced at 39 weeks so the following Tuesday or Wednesday (May 8 or 9).

Random Thoughts:
*I feel better/yikes after this appointment. When I left my appointment last
week, I had no clue how today's appointment would go. After leaving today, at
least I feel like we have a game plan and being OCD, I like knowing a date. I
feel yikes because my BP was higher than it had been all week so that worries me
so I'll just have to keep close tabs on that. I loved hearing her say that Baby
A's heart beat was good.

*As much as I DON'T want to be induced, at this point, I just want Baby A to
be okay. After this weekend, I will start trying all the old wive tales to go
into labor on my own so please leave any tips. The nurse said that eating spicy
foods would probably just give me a belly ache (plus I don't even like spicy
foods) and she'd recommend walking but not for me since that'll just make me

*I haven't mentioned it but one of those pregnancy symptoms no one tells you
about is the excess saliva. Seriously, I choke on my own spit ALL the time, I
drool at night and I even caught myself drooling when I had the fridge door open
the other day! Weird...

So please keep Baby A and I in your prayers, we'd really appreciate it! Have a good weekend!


SLES75 said...

YAY! So glad you didn't have to go in for an really was the protein in my urine that sent them over the edge I think. My BP was right around where yours is and with that and the protein they sent me right glad things are holding out for you...have a good weekend and hope you get to stand up in that wedding and celebrate your sister's birthday!

Thinking of you!

Jos said...

So glad you didn't have to get induced so far!!!

I went to the chiropractor the day I ended up going into labor - that really seemed to help get things moving. If that hadn't worked, I was headed to my acupuncturist next. :) And sex. We were NOT in the mood, but whatever works, right? :)

Emily @ablanket2keep said...

Glad you haven't been induced and I hope your BP stays under the limit. My BFF told me all about the excess saliva. She also had extremely dry eyes which apparently is more common than you would think.

Unknown said...

Prayers for you & Baby G. You're in the home stretch mama & however baby comes (induced or on your own) (s)he will be here soon :) Glad things are still working out & a game plan is in place. I had no idea about the excessive saliva...I don't remember it but I'm sure it happened. I had the pregnancy gingivitis (yeah - fun).