Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Need Registry Help!!!

...okay, I'm starting to get overwhelmed. I was so nervous/scared the first half of my pregnancy that I didn't want to do anything to get ready for the baby. Now that we've been feeling him/her and we saw our sweet baby yawning at our last u/s, I realize it's time to get moving!

We've started working on getting things ready at the house. Honestly, I just feel like we've moved everything upstairs to the downstairs and haven't really done much. I'm *hoping* DH gets on painting the nursery on January 28 because I work all day but we'll see. Things are kind of at a stand still with what I can do at the house right now because the guestroom has been emptied so now it's time to think about the registry and nursery.

This is where I start to freak out! What in the world do I need??? I started to print off a generic list and it had like 8 different items on it for the baby to sleep in. Um...our house isn't that big so I don't think we need a crib/bassinet/portable crib, etc...for every room in our house!

So me! I think we're going to register at Target and Babies-R-Us. Leave me a comment with any and all advice...what I HAVE to have, what I don't really need, brands, how much of each items, websites I should visit to check safety of products.

Anything you think a first-time mother needs to know..lay it on me! Thanks in advance!


COME ON BABY said...

How exciting honey!! Sound fun. Xoxoxo

COME ON BABY said...

How exciting honey!! Sound fun. Xoxoxo

Ashley said...

A crib and a nice pack-n-play with built in bassinet was perfect for us! Boppy, extra crib sheets, bouncer or swing, and diapers, diapers, diapers!!!! That would be my advice!!!! We also love our little whale bathtub from Target. Congrats again!!!!

Jos said...

2 changing table pad covers (one is always peed/pooped on and in the wash).

lots of pumping accessories if you're doing that (storage bags, bottles, etc)

Halo sleep sacks for swaddling - 2, for the same reason as above.

A swing for in the livingroom. We also have a co-sleeper in our room and a crib in her room.

burp cloths - you'll use them for everything!

lanolin for your nipples, and breast pads (disposable or reusable cloth)

diapers, in all sizes (or cloth, if you're going that route. we used:

you'll get a shitload of clothes at the baby showers - do NOT register for them (except maybe a pack of plain onesies in NB, 0-3, 3-9, etc.). people love buying clothes, and friends will come out of the woodwork with gently used clothes for you too.

i'll try to think of other essentials and let you know!

Heather said...

Boppy pillow, bouncy chair, a swing, gerber cloth diapers can be used as burp cloth or anything really we use them to for a now. Angel care monitor must have it saved me from many sleepless nights. I avoided the really cutesy clothes for the first few months I wanted baby to be comfy.

Kathy said...

3-4 changing pad covers, Dr. Brown bottles (4 oz and 8 oz), LOTs of Bibs (i thought people went over board, but with reflux and drooling and then NEVER have too many), 3-4 crib sheets and 1 mattress cover. A "clip-on chair" instead of a highchair IMO (you can also take it with you to restaurants and other people's houses), Don't register for clothes...people will get those on their own...same with blankets. You'll need a swing (we used the Fisher Price little lamb one that can switch directions), a bouncer (for when you're alone and want to take a shower can put the babe in the bouncer anywhere), backseat mirror for your car, a floor play mat, a walker, a moby wrap (my preferred wrap), baby Bajourn for the hubby to wear baby on outings, a digital ear thermometer, boppy with 2 covers, a video baby monitor if you have 2+floors, Bumbo with tray, blow up ducky bath tub for when he/she is sitting up (a sink tub before that), reusable breast pads and a good pump (you get when you pay for in pumps!).

Waste of time: Washcloths, pacis (wait until he/she is home and try different ones out), travel crib (they'll out grow it in 2 to 3 months), solid eating stuff (plates, sippy cups, utensils...wait until it's time), shoes, socks.
Get a jogger travel system...the jogger stroller can be used longer when the child is a toddler (I wish I did this...we NEVER used the standard stroller with our travel system).

Anonymous said...

I did a post on baby gear I loved in the beginning...I'll see if I can find it and link it.

Baby will probably end up in your room at first, so make sure you have something there for him - a cosleeper, bassinet, or whatever. Just an FYI, pack n plays are not approved for sleep, something I didn't know until Isaac was about 18 months. Yikes.

A Boppy, tons a burp cloths, a bouncy seat, a stroller for walks on nice days, and a moby. Later, bibs and a high chair.

Sleepers were great at first and lots and lots simple onesies. Especially for a late spring baby, Isaac was in nothing but short sleeved onesies his first summer.

Anonymous said...

Found the link!

Anonymous said...

Also, ditto Kathy on the clip on high chair. Or at least one that can be attached to a regular dining room chair. I hated our giant high chair, especially for a small house. :)

Unknown said...

We never had a bassinet but I would definitely recommend the pack-n-play & if it has the bassinet/change table with it definitely bonus. We have a changing pad downstairs (just a fold up one) & we change them on our kitchen table. We have a small house too. The boys slept in a rocker chair during the day for the first few months downstairs, but once they got more sensitive to sound, I would put them in their bed.

Are you breastfeeding or bottle or pumping? For bottles I definitely recommend the Tommee Tippee brand. We used them & they sealed really nicely. I don't find that you need a warmer as at the hospital they even just stuck the bottles in hot water for 5 minutes then fed the baby.

Don't register for clothes unless you see something really specific you want. I recommend a diaper bag with stroller attachments (makes it easier to hang from the handle). Definitely get a boppie, even if you don't use it during nursing you can lay the baby on it later.

We use the high chair that just straps to a regular chair (saves lots of room).

I will be making you some burp cloths & sending them your way. Jackie made them for me & we used them all the time. I still carry them in my diaper bag for "just in case". If you breastfeed they work really well too under the boob for spills.

We got lots of receiving blankets from showers (I have TONS if you want some too) & just used those for swaddling. The nurses at the hospital showed us some easy ways to do it & the boys loved to be swaddled.

I would also get one of the aquariums for the crib, it helped put our boys to sleep lots of times. They still use it to this day (sometimes they wake up at night & turn it on & fall back asleep on their own).

Definitely register with all the diaper brands/formula brands online. They usually have a place to put in "due date" & they will start sending you coupons around that time.

As I remember things, I'll FB you :D

Emily @ablanket2keep said...

Some things my friends and cousins couldn't live without. A boppy. trifold diapers for burp cloths. tommee tippee bottles, every baby I know has been so good on them lots better than others and it has less parts than others. Blankets to swaddle or a swaddle sack. Best breast pump around, Ameda. It has a barrier so your milk will not get into the machine so you don't have to worry about bacteria. It is so easy to use and easy to clean. I was told it was more comfortable than other ones too. Good luck with your shopping!

Angie said...

Everyone has given you great advice! I still recommend the book baby bargains, because when you need to pick things like a stroller there are literally like thousands to choose from and it's totally overwhelming. I used a pack n play with the bassinet attachment in our room for Nick to sleep in and then when he was too big for the bassinet part we used the pack n play part so it saved money for us with not having to buy a bassinett. Some other things that were invaluable, the baby bathtub for the sink, a swing, bouncy seat, floor activity mat for tummy time, and a sling/wrap so i could walk around with him hands free and get stuff done. I know it sounds overwhelming but newborns really don't need a ton of stuff, they mostly just eat and sleep. I agree with the high chair advice, I don't have a big house so we have one that sits on the table/chair with straps so it didn't take up room. Nick lived in onesies, he hardly ever got dressed up, maybe his christening and church a few times, that's it so any nice clothes went to waste. i'm gonna email you with more info!

Jessica White said...

Everyone has given you some awesome input. The best thing to remember is to not go crazy, people will buy stuff and as for other things, just wait and see if you need it.

Miss Mac said...

If I had it to do over again, after having a newborn, I would have really loaded the registry up with more practical items. Swing (and hopefully your little one will love it, ours is a lifesaver), we love the diaper genie and wish we knew to put lots of refills on the registry. Diapers in all sizes! Wipes! (I thought we would never use all of the newborn diapers and our baby has turned out to be long and lean and is still in them past 8 lbs... so we're still buying newborns.) Vaseline! Burp cloths or cloth diapers!... like someone said, use them for everything. You will probably get a ton of clothes and blankets and bibs so I would stay clear of those. However, we didn't get many socks! If you're breastfeeding, you will need supplies for that and possibly just one pack of good bottles. Changing table covers and a back-up! A bathtub with a mesh lining for a newborn. Good luck, fun times:]

Angie said...

oh I just remembered to register for lots of bibs. When Nick was teething he was drooling so much he literally went through 7 or 8 a day!
Luckily Nick hardly ever spit up after he ate, so all the burp cloths totally were wasted on us but I'm glad I had them cause they came in handy for other things. We had a bumbo seat but they don't have a long life span so I think they're kind of a waste. You usually start putting them in it at about 4 months old, and when they start crawling they don't wanna be contained in it so Nick was only using it for about 3 months. I also recommend a Baby Einsten video or two. These were a big help to me when I needed to get something done every once in a while. Nick was mesmerized by them! I'm not a big advocate for TV for babies but just every once in a while I don't think is harmful, just like everything you need moderation.

Kelly said...

I couldn't live without my Boppy pillow. Get two covers for that.

Lots of pumping accessories if you are going to breastfeed...shields, bottles, storage bags. Also make sure you get some lanolin fave was the medela brand. Oh and lots of breast pads if you are nursing...and I mean lots!

We used the newborn napper that came with our pack n play as a bassinet and that worked fine but we only used it for three weeks and then moved her to her crib.

Lots of burp will use them for lots of different things.

We love our bouncer...we got one that you can turn the bounce doesn't just bounce with the baby's movement.

I would get a few waterproof pads. We use one under pack n play sheet, one under changing pad cover, and once under crib mattress. I sometimes put one on top of the changing pad and it has saved me from washing the changing pad numerous times. They also have disposable ones that I found very handy especially in the laundry :)

No need to register for any sort of blanket as you will get a ton of them no matter what....same with clothes.

We have a video monitor and it is the greatest thing. Couldn't go without it.

Oh...and lots of diapers :)