Sunday, July 17, 2011

Strike That

Saturday I checked the mail and had a packet from our clinic. It was all the legal stuff for the upcoming FET. It included the waiver saying that we wouldn't hold them liable, we understand the risk, no guarantee, blah, blah, blah...all that legal jargon. Then I got to the end of the document and it totally reminded me of "Sing You Home."

The last two paragraphs read:

"In the event of death of a partner, the surviving partner in accordance with The Center's medical policies and practice will make decisions regarding the utilization or disposition of eggs, sperm or embryos. In the event of death of both partners, The Center will dispose of sperm, egg or embryos, unless other directives are made available in advance.

In the event of separation or dissolution, The Center will use or dispose of eggs, sperm or embryos according to the terms of an agreement signed by both partners (to the extent the agreement is consistent with exisiting law), or according to the terms of an order of court. Pending the determination of use or disposition, in the event of seperation or dissolution, both parties understand and agree to remain fully responsible for costs associated with storage of eggs, sperm or embryos."

If DH and I both die, we don't want our embies disposed of so I have to strike that and type up another statement saying we want to donate them for use by another couple (not for research), then have it signed by both of us and a witness.

Gotta stay on your toes ladies!


Baby Hopes said...

We did the same thing, and had them going first to my sisters (who wanted them) and then to other couples. Best of luck and good eye on the fine print!!!

Jessica White said...

I never would have thought to read all that. The forms for IUI just state that in the event of separation or death, the children will be treated as biological and there is no way to dispute that.

Glad that you caught that!

SLES75 said...

Before we even started our IVF cycle, we had to make all of those decisions and have them signed and witnessed before we could even start my meds. CRAZY. We hadn't even achieved anything, and here we were divvying up our potential future kids.