Friday, December 9, 2011

Whew! What a Night!

So last night I headed to bed about 9pm, fell asleep and all was well until I woke up with chest pain. I woke up DH and told him I thought I had heartburn (on the right side of my chest) so he got me a glass of water, checked my pulse, I burped and we were good to go. Kind of scary but I'd been having heartburn so I kind of expected it and after that burp-whew, I felt so much better!

We fall back asleep and I'm laying on my left side, right up to DH with the Black Buffalo, AKA the 100 lb black lab, right against my back. Basically, I was wedged between the two. I got up about 4:30am about to pee my pants and as I get out of bed, my right ovary was so sore and tight! I sat down to pee and was peeing in spurts because it wasn't really painful, definitely not cramps, but I could feel it. Almost felt like a pulled muscle, does that make sense?

I laid back down thinking it was because I was in that funky position for so long so I laid on my back until I got up. Still a little tight and sore but again, definitely not cramping. So just wondering if any of you ever had that? Think it's just from sleeping weird?

OH! And when I'm in bed at night, I feel like I have a little bump but then it's gone when I put on clothes. Weird...


brandy said...

One sided sounds like round ligament pains from a growing uterus. Hope you feel better soon!

Sarah said...

I keep hearing this is RLP too. Also, the heartburn didn't get me until late either.

Unknown said...

I got those heartburn burts, they suck but are expected. I also used to get cramps in my legs that woke me up at night & Mike would massage them for me so I could go back to sleep. That's aside from the rash that I got the last few weeks of the pregnancy. Yep, gotta love being pregnant! LOL