Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Transfer

August 26, 2011 10:09PM
Well, it's about 9 hours after the transfer and everything went GREAT!

We got to the clinic right on time but had to wait. I'm sorry but you don't tell a girl to fill her bladder then make her wait. PLUS there were two patients in the waiting room with their kids. I hope one day that's me in a waiting room with my kids but when my stress level is already through the roof and dad is asking the son if he wants to go poopy on the potty and mom has her Iphone out to take a picture of him in a chair ( they not have chairs at home?), well my friends, that does NOT help my stress at all.

Anyways, we finally got called back and I had the same room as I did for my fresh transfer. This was fine because it has a journal in there where ladies can write in while they wait which is encouraging and passes the time. DH and I both got changed and I sat criss-cross-applesauce waiting for the doctor. Much to my surprise...Dr. K walked in!!! She did my ER and I absolutely LOVE her. I'd been trying to get ahold of her to talk at the MIA Conference so we chatted about that for awhile then got down to business. She showed us pics of tots (see next post) and we discussed how many to transfer (again...see next post).

She asked if my bladder was okay, if I was miserable which LAST time, I begged to just let a little out and they refused. I was 100x better than last time so I said I was good and she left to change into scrubs. Before she left, I pointed out the cookies and seriously, she shrieked she was so excited and then she squealed when she looked at them. DH laughed and when she left, I said, "See it WAS a good idea!"

Then I headed into the transfer room but before we got started, we discussed again how many to transfer (next post). Then we FINALLY got started. We chatted about last time i.e. my bladder, how hot I was, etc...then she asked what I was doing to relax and I told her about the Twilight Marathon. We discussed that and then talked about Hunger Games. She said we must read the same "People" because we had all the same gossip.

Note to self: Ask for the long speculums. Every time they use the basic ones and every time they have to pull them out and get longer ones. Other than that, all went well. It took her a bit to get the exact spot but then we were good to go. The lab tech came in and our tots shot across the screen. She did warn me that I may spot some because when she was cleaning she hit the cervix but to NOT be alarmed. It was so fast and easy and laid back this time, much different than last time.

Then they wheeled me to my room and I laid on my back for 30 minutes. The first 15, I tried to doze off but I couldn't. The second 15, I got out my I-touch and listened to some tunes. The nurse came in to tell me I could get up and I told her good because my bladder was FULL. She cleared me to go but would you believe that DH had gotten up to go right before she came in so I had to WAIT ON HIM!!! Silly boy! I swear I peed for like 15 minutes.

We got our instructions and actually go in two days earlier than I thought for the beta test which is good...less time to wait. When we got to the car, I called to refill my estrace then DH and I both decided we were STARVING. We stopped at Bandana's for lunch even though we had dinner in the crockpot at home. All I'd had to eat all day was that PB on bread and water and I don't think DH had eaten anything. We scarfed down our dinners, got the meds and I took a nice long nap with Emma.

When I woke up, I went to turn on my brand new laptop (as in purchased 3 weeks ago) and it was dead! :( DH and I watched "Lincoln Lawyer" and then I FINALLY sat down to write this post before I forgot the details. And that my friend is the story of my FET and how my tots got placed inside me. Now 2ww...hurry up!

Update November 1, 2011
So I have been reading all your comments and I apologize about the prolonged wait. If you haven't caught on, I like to document every, single little detail! I didn't want to start posting until I was ready to. I promise only a 2ww left for you all, until then....happy reading! ;)


Cherbear said...

the thing I love about my dr is she catheterizes the bladder afterwards to drain it, so I don't have to get up to pee! LOL

But my bladder has to be EXTREMELY FULL in order to see my uterus well. So I'm really thankful she does this!

I'm very eager to know the ending. I really feel that it is a good outcome. I think what's killing me the most is not knowing how your current pregnancy is going right now as you write about the past! ;) hehehehe

Angie said...

This is getting exciting!
i've loved reading about the transfer and i can not wait to find out the outcome! I'm guessing you're prego, and I hope to God I'm right!!!

Kim said...

Glad th transfer went so well! Only two more weeks?! LOL!!!!! You are killing me. I am guessing it worked too, because all this buildup would be really cruel if not ;) xoxoxoxox

Baby Hopes said...

I'm' so glad the transfer went so well!!! Looking forward to hearing the results!!! Wishing you the very best!!!

Angie said...

Yea! Everything went well!!!! I like the anticipation and like everyone else, I'm feeling like you are totally pregnant right now!!!!

Angie said...

LOL just wanted to let you know that on your other blog, the word verification I just had to type in was BABY!!!!!!! That's gotta be a sign!!!!!!

COME ON BABY said...

So happy you had a great transfer. I hope the two week wait flies by. I can't wait to start on a baby blanket(s)!!! Positive thoughts to you sweet woman. Xoxoxo