Friday, November 18, 2011

Killin' My Buzz

September 8, 2011
You know who's a buzzkill? Dr. Val. Yep, only seen the woman twice in my life, the last time we talked was in December about my failed IVF cycle and then the day after I got a positive, she calls me and is...herself.

First off, I was sitting at work enjoying a piece of ice cream cake when my work phone rings. I recognized the number and my heart sank. Why in the world were they calling? Did they have things mixed-up the day before? I slowly answer and this condescending voice comes on the phone, "Aaaa (drawing out my name), this is Karen from Dr. Val's office. You were supposed to come in for blood work this morning."
Me: I was told to come in next Wednesday the 14th.
Karen: Oh well let me check.
Pause and my head and heart are racing, was I supposed to come in today? I know I was a little out of it after I heard the good news but I swear she said the 14th.
Karen: Oh, you're right, looks like they just scheduled you on the wrong day. So we'll see you next Wednesday and you know you can come as early as 7:30-
Me (interrupting): And no later than 10.
Karen: That's right!
Me: See I WAS paying attention yesterday.
Karen: Yes you were. Now, Dr. Val would like to talk to you.

Long wait while she gets her and I'm thinking Dr. Val just wants to talk to me about from here on and oh I don't know, be a little happy for us. Nope, she gets on the phone and basically is lecturing me on our decision to discard DH's sperm. Here's the part that REALLY pissed me off, "Yes, we (apparently she's part of my marriage now?) are pregnant but there's still a lot of steps we need to get through. If I were you, I'd keep the sperm until you have a baby in your arms." REALLY? First off, my husband and I made that decision BEFORE we know how this FET would turn out. YOUR lab told us that when thawed, it wasn't viable and that fresh is best. Her concern is what if DH's count continues to go down and then he doesn't have anything. So she's going to hold on it and we'll discuss when I come in for the first ultrasound. I was LIVID when I got off the phone! I was at my desk so I couldn't really talk much about it. Then at the end of the conversation she said, "so how ya feeling? You doing okay?" I quickly said yes and tried to get off the phone. Seriously? She's cray cray and majorly killin' my buzz.

I know to be excited but cautious. Now that phone call has me even more concerned. I hate wishing time away but I wish next week would get here so I could make sure my babies are okay!


Sarah said...

Seriously? How did that woman manage to make a career as an RE? She sounds really unpleasant.

Jos said...

Ugh, I'm so glad I had an RE who was awesome. I don't understand how a doc that deals with such intense emotions in people could have such shitty people skills!

Angie said...

OMG nasty buzz kill, sorry hon!