Friday, June 10, 2011

Half Mary Pics!!! Thank you Blogger for Working!

YAH!!! I finally got my pictures uploaded from my half marathon last weekend. It was my third half marathon, all ran within a year PLUS I did a full back in October! I'm pretty proud of my accomplishments if I do say so myself! Now on to some fun photos (but still annoymous!)...

The race was about 4 hours from where we live. I rode up with 2 bloggie friends (okay, they are no longer bloggie but IRL friends!) and headed to the expo. What a surprise when I see the banner and my face on it:

Want an even BIGGER suprise? I was on my very own billboard!!! Yes, I was somewhat of the poster child for the race. My first half was this race exactly one year ago.

It was a VERY hard race!!! It was over 90 degrees and VERY HILLY!!! I'm so thankful I had DH meet me every 1.5 mile for water, Gatorade and a wet washcloth...he was (and always is!) a godsend!!!

I beat my time from last year's race by 9 minutes which I was pretty stoked about that BUT I was *only* a minute slower than my half 4 weeks ago. That half was VERY flat and perfect, cool running weather so I feel like I should have been way faster than a hot, hilly course! Then again, I did have a 7 hour ER visit, minimal sleep and stress, stress, stress playing against me. Anyways, hope you enjoy the pics! It was a great weekend because we got to see some wonderful friends and running half marys=burning LOTS of calories=indulging in deliciousness!!!

UPDATE on DH: I never really followed up on him after I posted we went to the ER. He's got bladder stones. He's not in major pain so the doc is letting things go and then will see him to inspect in July if they're still there. Never a dull moment...

UPDATE on Bill: Remember I posted that I got a "past due" bill from the hospital? I called to pay and told the lady, "I know you won't make note of this and probably don't care but I just wanted to let you know that I never got the first notice." She said it wasn't a big deal, but to OCD me it was. She goes on to take my payment and then goes to confirm my address...yeah, my DAD'S address that I haven't lived at in 10 years! I said, "Well, no wonder I never got the first notice!"

Big weekend for us! I'm trying out CrossFit in the AM (wish me luck!) then haircut and wedding (I only get my haircut on day's I have something going on). Sunday is MIL's birthday so church, then DH and I are bike riding then MIL birthday dinner. WHEW! Never a dull moment with DH and I...


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