Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Our Crazy Evening Adventure

Yes, DH and I had quite the adventure tonight. Basically it boils down to Menopur is the devil and hates me. After I talked to the lady today at Dr. Val's office, I knew I'd need more Menopur to get me through the weekend. On the way to visit my friend P and her new baby, I called Freedom to order more, it will be arriving tomorrow.

Fast forward to 6pm on the dot and I start getting the meds out...where's the Menopur? WHERE'S the Menopur? WHERE'S THE EFFING MENOPUR!?! Yeah, I didn't have any. I distinctly remember in orientation being told, don't run out of meds...I've had that thought in the back of my mind ever since then. I thought to myself, I won't ever run out of's totally out of character for me. Well, I did at 6pm when I was supposed to get the shot between 6-7pm. Surprisingly though, I managed to stay calm-well, calm for me, and didn't get too upset. Here's how it went down.

I realized no Menopur. I yell at DH, what do we do, what do we do? I told him to get the Lupron ready and I called the physician's exchange number. Okay, the doctor on call will call me in 30 minutes. We give the lupron and gonal shots. DH did lupron, no problem but OMG! It was a bleeder tonight!!! I went to do the gonal and I'd run out of meds in the pen. Now I'm still super confused because I did 3 nights of 225 which is 675 then I did two nights of 150 which is 300 so that totals 975 but it was only a 900 pen...did I mess something up? Anyways, I had to open a new packet and DH is telling me to calm down, calm down. Shot it, ok...two down, still no Menopur and still no phone call. Okay, I tell DH to clean up while I go google Walgreen's. I get ahold of Wags and ask if they have any Menopur...they tell me they have no idea what it is but they could order it. Uh...I need it in the next 40 minutes, not going to help. Right about this time DH's phone rings, it was the doctor!

He introduces himself as Dr. Miyagi (okay that's not really his name but in my panic that's all I could hear). He was super nice and reassuring. He told me, he'd call the pharmacy and we'd get me my meds. He said either him or the pharmacist would call so don't worry. I tell DH to clean up dinner, I got dressed. I was in my pajamas so I threw on a sweatshirt, combed my hair, put on shoes but no bra, totally didn't match and oh yeah, my hair was wet and it was like 40 degrees out. I searched the pharmacy, found the address and told DH let's head there because the pharmacy closed at 6:30, it was about 6:20 at this time. We get in the car and start driving.

As we drove, I told DH thanks for being calm for me and then he told me he was surprised I wasn't freaking out. I mean I was but I wasn't yelling or crying, I was more panicked than anything. After this convo, he looked at me and smiled saying, "We're on an adventure!" As we're about to get on a major highway, Dr. Miyagi calls and tells me John will call me with instructions to get the medicine. I ask him if I don't do the meds between 6-7pm or even tonight if all my eggs were going to die or what was going to happen and he assured me they wouldn't, I would be fine. He was awesome! He kept telling me it was okay, it's happened before, not to worry, everything would be fine. When I hung up, DH could hear him on the phone and agreed with me, he said-what I bet you want to go to him now? I do! OH! Dr. Miyagi also told us we were going to the wrong store so we had to turn back around. I thanked him and apologized and he was just so freakin' sweet! I have to admit, I did feel like we were on Amazing Race or secret agents with the time constraint and waiting for instructions.

As we turned around, John from the pharmacy called and said he'd meet us at the store in about 20 minutes. He said he's just gotten home and I commented, "OH! I'm so sorry, do you want us to bring you dinner or something?" I was joking but I really would have but I think he thought I was being serious and said, "Oh no, my wife and I are headed out that way." I felt awful!!! I hung up with him, called my sister to mapquest it for us (we don't have cool GPS or I-phones or anything). We got there a couple minutes before John did (he was on the route of the marathon I did!).

I got out of the car by myself and headed inside. He asked where I got my other drugs at and here's our convo:

John: Where'd you get your other drugs? Don't tell me Freedom.

Me: Umm...

John: You did.

Me: Sorry! That's where the clinic referred us. What's wrong with Freedom?

John: Nothing, they're a real pharmacy.

Me: What do you mean a real pharmacy? Am I really injecting myself with Mexican heroine or something?

John (laughs): No but we are usually cheaper.

Then to add insult to injury, he shows me Freedom's price list and his. Yeah, we're paying about $20 more for Menopur at Freedom than if we went through him. So forgetting actually saved us money!!! We chatted a bit more then he realized that they probably referred me to Freedom because they have the cheapest Gonal pens. He copied a price sheet for me and I'm going to compare and maybe get my refills through him. Then I can pick them up at my leisure and not have to spend an entire day at home waiting to sign.

He hooked us up with the Menopur, told me to tell DH to come in and shoot me. They had a private little area complete with rubber gloves, alcohol pads, sharps container...everything we needed! We'd brought our own but it was a nice little set up. I thanked him (about a million times!) then when we walked out, I waved to his wife and mouthed sorry. She opened her car door and chatted with us trying to make me feel better.

When I got home, I decided to search Dr. Miyagi. He's not one of the main doctors and he'd said on the phone that he was a fellow of Dr. Val's. I couldn't find him right away on the sight so I called the physician's exchange and ask for the name of the doctor on duty. Umm yeah, it started with an O-oops! So I go back to Google him but he's like a ninja, I can't find ANYTHING on him! I'm going to call the office tomorrow and see what location he works at. I plan on getting him and John and his wife something as a thank you.

OH! And I was only a couple minutes late with my shot, by the time all this was said and done, we were in the car headed home about 7:15! Moving forward, I will checking the day before for all my meds so I have PLENTY of time to get more if need be. And that my friend's was my crazy adventure!


Shawna said...

Oh my goodness, you poor thing!! At least you got everything done and your adventure is over! I heard that sometimes there is "extra" medicine in some of the vials so that is why your doses didnt add up. I am totally the type of person who likes control. I plan to keep a running tally of how much I use so hopefully I never run out. I know none of the pharmacys in my town carry those meds so I would be screwed if I ran out

Angie said...

OMG seriously, girl, my heart is beating out of my chest for you guys - I totally felt like I was WATCHING the Amazing Race or something LOL. So glad it turned out good :) xoxo

Kevin and Katie said...

If he's a fellow then he may not have a practice yet. I think they have to do a two year fellowship, kind of like and internship.