Saturday, December 11, 2010

Bed Rest and Random Other Things You Want to Know

Okay, so part of the reason for this blog is to let others out there know my story and maybe a little bit of what to expect so this is my potpourri post of things inquiring minds might want to know...

*Bed Rest-I'm "technically" not on bed rest. Dr. Coop said to take it easy for 48 hours, she didn't want me being a zombie (she held out her arms like a zombie) but I could get up and go to the couch or get a snack, we could even drive to go out to dinner. Mainly no cleaning (YES!) or shopping (BOO!) and not staying on my feet too much. I took all of Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off work because I had the time and we would rather be safe than sorry. I've spent most of the time moving from the bed to the couch to my red chair and walking to the mailbox to get some fresh air (its a short walk). I haven't risked it by cooking anything for fear of standing too long. I've unloaded the dishwasher in spurts, eaten a LOT of cereal for quick meals/snacks and started a few loads of laundry (DH moves them to the dryer and brings them upstairs). The biggest worry has been the dogs! I love to cuddle with them but sometimes they aren't the gentle-ist and when my 100lb black lab thinks he's a lap dog, well, that's not so good. I plan on taking it easy again tomorrow and my mom is coming up to "entertain" me and get me out of the house if the weather cooperates. So there you have your answer on bed rest.

*I jokingly told my friend A on Tuesday night before ET that I was worried I would "pee" the embryos out. After the ET, Dr. Coop said (and I didn't even ask), "Don't worry, you can't pee, laugh or cough them out." Whew-one less thing to worry about!

*Buy a scale! On Sunday at ER, they said to weigh myself daily and if I gained 5 lbs in one day contact them because I may be hyperstimulating. Well, Sunday we weighed at the office, Monday I weighed at DH's chiropractor, Tuesday at work and then after freaking out and being frustrated, I went and bought our own scale. So far it's more accurate weighing on the same one than a different one every day.

*Constipation...ugh! Ever since my ovaries started getting bigger and I was put on "no jostling" orders, I've been afraid to poop thought I might jostle too much. At ER on Sunday, V told me that constipation was a side effect. Well, that made me feel better...mentally but not physically. So lots and lots of water (which equals lots and lots of trips to the potty) and fiber bars (thank you honey for buying those!), and I feel much better! Still not 100% but it has helped TONS! Fiber bars are your friends girls!

*Progestrone in the leg hurts like a b****!!! The nurse told us to try to do it in the hip as much as possible so I would be able to walk. Unfortunately, DH has had to work two nights this week and it's physically impossible (for me at least) to shoot up in my hip/butt and look for blood and shoot and all that fun stuff. So if you have to do the leg, be prepared for stiff, sore leg...almost peg leg the next day. The good news is, it only lasts for a day then you're fine.

*Now since the ET, I've noticed as I sit at the chair or reach for my water or do whatever, I feel me tensing up my stomach muscles and try to relax. I worry every little cramp or this normal??? I know I'm just freaking out but hey, I'm sure you all would/did too.

*Lastly, I'm done researching and reading. It's stressful enough without googling every little symptom so I'm going to do my best to just chill, talk to my babies and encourage them to stay. I like to tell them, "Stay babies and grow strong! We want to see you in about 9 months, it'll be worth it." DH likes to tell them, "Grow babies grow!" Hopefully, they listen and stick around!

So there you have it, some random things I thought you might want to know. Let me know if you have any questions or tips or stories of your own.


Christa said...

What an awesome post! I'll definitely be re-reading this when my ET gets closer...enjoy the rest and I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

COME ON BABY said...

Thanks for the update.

And in the words of your DH,"GROW BABIES GROW!!!"

Rest well.

Jessica White said...

Great post! Stick babies! Stick!