Monday, November 8, 2010

You're Fired!

Yeah, so lupron Day 2 did not go as great. I had to work, DH was working there part-time which I was really excited about so that he could help me. I told him to meet me at 5:55 so we could do the shot right at 6. Well, he stopped by my desk early. I told him he had to be sure that he washed his hands and he informed me that he already had. Umm...I meant a little closer to shot time. Luckily, he sneezed so he had to go wash his hands again. We went to do the shot and he's pulling everything out like he's an 'ole pro. I reminded him to flip the bottle over before pulling out the needle. He was going so fast and rushing (which is my biggest fear of rushing with these shots!) and I kept telling him to take his time but did he? NO! He forgot to flip the bottle over again and I barely had the alcohol wipe out to wipe down my spot when he's like, "Are you ready?" He gave the shot and it didn't hurt going in, maybe it was the spot I picked, kind of right where my pants rode so it was kind of achey.

I was SO MAD AT HIM! I told him if he was going to act like a "know-it-all" and rush through it then he wasn't going to help any more. I reminded him that I'd told him to flip the bottle over and he didn't...dear, that's a lot of money in that one little drip so effing listen and flip the damn bottle over! We had no reason to rush, we need to take our time and make sure we're doing everything in our power the best we can. Being a man, of course, he didn't comprehend. I went about my evening and he went about his. About 15 minutes later, he stops by my desk, "Does it still hurt?" I told him it was better but did he understand why I was upset. He said he did and he wouldn't rush any more. We'll see...he'll get another chance tomorrow night but if he's rushing then he's fired! Wednesday and Thursday we won't be together from 6-7pm so I'll have to do the shots myself...I'm getting a little worried about that. I know that it doesn't really hurt but I don't know that I'll be able to push it through myself. Oh well, only time will tell! Oh and don't worry, I won't post every single day I get a shot, ok?


kayee said...

I was soo nervous about doing the shots myself, so I had DH do them every night. Except for one night I HAD to do them myself and to be honest, it really wasn't that bad. So if you do have to "fire" him, I have faith that you will be just fine! :)