Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Weekend with the In-Laws

Come on, you guys really thought I'd spend an entire weekend with my in-laws and not have any good stories? Oh...I do, just you wait...

*Remember I'd posted a couple days ago, that my SIL was trying to get us to tell my extremely immature BIL? Yeah, well, he came out on Friday night, got up Saturday morning and everyone was "crabby" (which they were) and he used that as his excuse to in for the entire weekend. This was just after less than 24 hours of listening to him complain about everything and anything OH and eat the food I'd brought for lunch the next day. As he was driving off at 6AM, I wanted to point and say and THIS is why we're not telling him. All in all, we all agreed it was much better without him.

*Remember how I said I wasn't feeling anything from the Lupron shots? Yeah, I think it's because DH is getting all the hormones. Man-o-man was he in a foul mood all weekend! My MIL and SIL kept asking about the shots and how I was feeling, I said I was fine and apparently DH got the hormones. Wow, I hope he gets off his "period" soon!

*Saturday night in the midst of taking care of my FIL's deer, DH and I had to run inside so I could get my shot. When we came out, FIL asked if I got my baby shot? Then proceeded to ask how IVF works, which I don't mind, however, I'm not entirely comfortable when he asks if we can keep trying the "regular" way. Call me crazy but I don't really enjoy discussing my sex life at the dinner table with my in-laws.

*And now, are you ready for the best story? As soon as I'd recovered from the shock of the words that came out of my SIL's mouth, I couldn't wait to tell you all. Primarily because DH always defends his family and NEVER sees anything they say/do wrong. So without further wait...Friday, we all get to the farmhouse. MIL and I are unpacking groceries and talking when SIL stumbles in totally el drunko from the neighbor's. She's extremely loud, talkative and keeps repeating the same story over and over. Then it clinks in her head and she asks, "How's the shots going?" FYI-this was the first time she asked and by the end of the night she'd asked me three different times. I said they were good and DH was much better at giving them than I was. Then she smirks and looks at me, "Yeah, well, I got two allergy shots on Thursday so there-I beat you!" I quickly snipped, "I've had six shots this week and a LOT more to go." She doesn't hear me and blabs on and on about her office visit of shots, oh that's right, she doesn't have to have her or her spouse (not that she has one) GIVE HER the home...every night! And I would much rather "let her win" with her two allergy shots and just get pregnant the good 'ole fashioned way! was 2 days ago, I'm going to let it go now...until the AM when I tell my co-workers this story.

Sometimes I just don't think his family understands the seriousness of it. I mean yeah, I joke around sometimes about it with my family or friends but they've never once really accepted the fact that we can't have kinds naturally. It's like they think we're just doing this for fun? They keep asking if we can try the regular way, um sure but it ain't gonna work. They almost make fun of the "baby shots." And then they try to "beat me" at who gets the most shots (I've always felt like SIL has to one up me, now this is just drunken proof that she does). So there's my stories of the weekend with the in-laws. I'm sure they'll be more to come, just you wait!


Shawna said...

Hilarious!!! I was wondering about you and how you were making it. Nothing like some in-law time to make you want to hurt someone. ha ha

Kevin and Katie said...

When you have time or are bored do you think you could help me find some blogs where people had sucessful IUI's? All I can find are blogs that had 4,5, or 6 failed IUI's. While i know that they have a slim chance of working, I am trying to be positive and need some positive thoughts :) Thanks!