Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Socks, socks, socks!!!

Shawna, my newest blog friend, is the one who told me about Fertility Socks. When she told me about it, she offered to send me a pair of socks. She said she really appreciated my honesty and upfront answers. I think she's just thankful that I'm going through all this about a month ahead of her so she knows what to expect which is part of why I created this blog. If I can help another woman going through IF just by letting her read my story, then I feel like I've helped in some way. She also sent me this super sweet card and I love how it says, "Dream Out Loud" on the socks. Because I mean by going through IVF, I am dreaming out loud, aren't I? I'm saying out loud and taking action towards having a baby! Not only did I get socks from Shawna on Monday but when I got to work, I had a little goodie bag sitting in my chair. The pink socks there are from my co-worker, really more a friend, P. P has been a great outlet at work where I receive a lot of communication with Dr. Val and her office. P has been a great listener and provides me with lots of encouragement. She was probably the very first person to know about everything, she knew when we started TTC and the failures each month and the first few doctor's visits, she's been awesome! Her and her husband are expecting their first daughter any day now. She commented the other day that isn't it weird how she's finishing her pregnancy right as we're starting IVF.

So thank you ladies! I must admit that now I'm looking forward to my doctor's visits so I can wear them!!!


Jessica White said...

Cute socks! That's great that you have such wonderful supporters around you, especially IRL.

Mary Beth said...

Cute socks!

Shawna said...

I am glad you liked them. It is funny that you got socks from a co-worker. All of us worried about our feet. lmao