Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Much Better!

Today I had another appointment for an u/s and blood work. Amazing what Aunt Flo can do to you! I felt much better going into this appointment. It probably helped that I had friend who needed to go for blood work too so we carpooled. Funny, I never thought I'd be carpooling to the fert doc!

So I walked in, WAY early but it worked out. I headed to the u/s sound bench (I knew where it was this time!) and saw Tracy but some other lady came out. I was a little bummed it wasn't Tracy but oh well, the other lady was just as nice. She pointed stuff out on the screen to me and said everything looked good. I had 10 small follicles on the left ovary and 6 on the right (maybe because I'm right handed so I use that side more is why there was less? That's my non-medical guess). That was SUPER encouraging!

Then I headed to get blood drawn. There was a lady in there right before me and I think she might of thought she was prego. She was all excited and so were the nurses. The girl in line behind me had braces so see IF hits all of, white, braces, no braces, short, tall, skinny, fat. Speaking of FAT...the nurse took me to weigh me before she drew my blood. I got a little panicky because I hadn't been weighed since my first consult back in April. In my mind I was thinking, they weren't going to let us move forward because I weighed too much. I asked the lady and she said they weigh you to help watch so you don't hyper stimulate-whew! I told her okay and I was just glad she weighed me TODAY before Thanksgiving and not next week-yikes! She drew the blood and then I was on my way.

I had a few errands to run in a town we passed through but both places were closed. As we were looking for the second, we saw a new cupcake place and HAD to stop! Peanut butter cupcakes make everything better!

Mary called this afternoon and said I was good to go and then gave a little woohoo! I laughed and said I was much better than when I talked to her last, she said she could tell. So tonight and tomorrow still 20 units of lupron then on Friday DH and I both take Zithromax and I decrease to 10 units of lupron. I also add in 225 units of Gonal then head back in Monday for another blood draw. Seriously, my veins are so sore but I'm not complaining!!! Definitely thankful for the great news today and excited to move forward on Friday. OH! I asked her if I needed to order another box of lupron since I went longer and she said since I was decreasing to 10 units, it *should* get me through so more good news! I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. IF sucks and is hard but I still have a lot to be thankful for.