Sunday, October 24, 2010


My dear college roommate just gave birth to three beautiful baby boys on October 19! We only lived together for a year and were never super close but we've always seemed to stay in touch with an email here or an email there. Last spring, I got an email from her saying after many years of trying they were pregnant with TRIPLETS!!! We began emailing back and forth and she's been an excellent source of encouragement and advice.

She just now got around to posting pictures of her sons, which I absolutely love all the names she picked out...Elias, Gabriel and Jacob. The boys are all in NICU but doing well. There's one picture of her looking at Elias and even though you can't see her entire face, you can see the, pride, amazement. It's a really awesome picture and gets me even more excited about our IVF that maybe one day there will be a picture like that of me and my child.

I look forward to watching her boys grow and seeing her be the great mother that I know she is! Congrats J and family!


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Kim said...

How exciting to witness a happy ending after a struggle....success stories make so happy, they are very inspiring. You have every reason to be excited about your upcoming will be here sooner than you know. :) xoxoxoxox

Unknown said...

Aw honey that's such a touching post. I know we were never "super" close but I'm so happy that we've stayed in touch through the years. I can't wait until I see a picture of you with yours in the near future!!